Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Age of Innocence - Masha Mel

During the last 6 months since I've last posted I've been swooped up into a bit of a whirl wind of excitement, what with my exams and working/modelling over my summer before starting University, not to mention actually moving into my University halls yesterday. Rather a lot has happened and in between nursing my Fresher's  week hangover and taking over London, I'm going to blog about my adventures of Summer 2012!

One of the most exciting things to happen to me this summer is being signed by ELITE LONDON. (!!!!) My story of this occurrence is a little cliched, but hey, its what happened to Gisele Bundchen and look what her life has become. The story begins with a last minute shopping trip to Lakeside, in a desperate bid to find a dress for my Sixth Form Leaver's Ball. I was about to venture into Topshop when Michelangelo (the OWNER!!) and Martina came up to me and asked me if I was interested in entering the Elite Model Look 2012 competition. However, as I was older than they original thought, that being 14 years old, they were interested in signing me straight away, instead of being put through the competition. Two days later I sat in their offices as, one by one, the bookers came in for a chat, and one day later I signed my 3 years contract.

Since then it's been a flurry of test shoots, castings and jobs (EEKKK!) One of my favourite tests was with Masha Mel, Moscow born and London based fashion photographer, as myself, Jodie Tucker @ Bookings and Margarita @IMG, tried to recreate 'The Age of Innocence' portrayed in Sophie Coppola's take of the film 'The Virgin Suicides'. The shoot took place in a beautifully and childishly decorated bedroom and styled with clothes gifted by Jaclyn Bethany and her shop Audrey Grace Boutique. The melancholic atmosphere of her films was effortlessly portrayed in Masha Mel's photographs because she opted to capture us three models on film, something I found refreshing, seeing a photographer shoot in film in the digital fortress of this century.


'The Age of Innocence'
Photographer - Masha Mel
Make up artist - Pace Chen
Set design- Olya Avstreyh
Models:  Lauren @ Ellite, Margarita @ IMG & Jodie @ Bookings

Much Love;

Saturday, 15 September 2012


It's is officially 15th September and the day that I move into University - scary stuff, I know! All that anticipation over the last month or so, the preparation and endless shopping trips for Mum to ensure I've got everything I will ever need, ever, has led me to here - wide awake at 1am, with no hope in hell of shutting my brain up!

I guess that's why I'm back here again, after nearly 3 months of being AWOL. The last time I was here I was about to embark on the monumental task that was my IB exams and, due to the life consuming magnitude of said task, I was forced to strip any activity that didn't revolve around revision from my life. 

Three months down the line and my exams have been taken (and passed!), my university place received, and all the bits in between, I've finally found my inspiration to write again. To be truthful, I started to feel that my blog began to get engulfed by the cliche of the 'fashion blog' and it wasn't what I originally intended when I started FaceFashionology. All summer, whilst I've been working and modelling (with Elite London, may I say!) I've wanted to start blogging again and I even considered starting fresh, with a new blog and my original idea, and now would be the perfect time as I embark on this new life. But starting University isn't beginning a new life, it's just a little revamp of your exiting one, a new direction...

So that is what I am doing now. Not a fresh start, but a revamp. A few months wiser and with a different perspective I about to take on one of the biggest challenges in all my 18 years - University. And so, FaceFashionology will guide you through the mishaps and successes of the London Uni girl a she tries to balance her English degree, her modelling adventure and her love for the Fashion industry whilst trying, desperately, to not let London swallow up this Essex girl and spit her out!

Here goes nothing...

Much Love;
Face Fashionologist (oh, how I've missed writing that!)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Just an Alternative7 Take.

In the world of this Fashionologist, my ensembles do tend to err on the side of 'the bigger the better' and so, I rarely ever restrict my outfits to the simple jeans and tee (despite my great respect for this infamous combo.

Me? I'm particularly impartial to an edgy 90's grunge inspiration of Great British Fashion. You can't get more effortlessly stylish than with a pair of jeans, a printed tee and that trusty leather jacket. Instant sexy appeal! (And, being a petite-featured Blondie, being 'sexy' is rather difficult for me - 'cute' is my typical adjective) 

New on the British fashion scene, Alternative7 is an exclusive graphic tee label, inspired by the iconic streets of London’s urban culture.From the types of labels I feature on my blog, you'll all be aware of my love for homegrown fashion, and with 'Made in London' as their moto, this is certainly another little London gem. Each season, with their capsule collection of 7 tees, Alternative7 is reviving the infamous London image and successfully taking on the LA based 'tee' brands swamping today’s market. It’s about time we had a little representation, eh?!

With duo Catherine and Katie being both Londoners at heart, they truly understand the life of a Londoner and the simple shapes house bold, eclectic prints depicting all aspects of London life;

The buzz around the label has had forced me to have my ears to the ground, awaiting their launch, and so, when they contacted me, I couldn’t have been more excited for this collaboration! (And, they sent my favourite one!)

When I began styling for this post; I got a little carried away and changed my styling of this about 5 times before I'd even realised - It just goes with everything! But, once I’d calmed down from my fashion frenzy, I knew exactly how to wear it.


Black jeans, leather jacket and chain necklace compliment the stark white of the tee, highlighting my Rock ‘n’ Roll Love.

Much love;

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Label Lounge: Miss Real London

After my exciting collaboration with Miss Real London at the Pure Show last month, where I had the privilege to see and work with their latest creations, the anticipation to get my hands, and blog, onto each and every piece has literally been eating me! With a few sneaky insights into when and where their collection will be launching, today could not have come quick enough.

Launching among the elites of young fashion indie brands, such as Little Mistress and Isabella Rose, Miss Real London is the latest to set up shop in New Look’s infamous Label Lounge. The 8 piece capsule collection consists of handpicked stand-alone pieces that epitomise the Miss Real London handwriting and I have the privilege of getting my little blogger mitts on a few preview samples! (Aren’t I such a lucky girl!)

And so, to mark the launch of their collection, I've styled each peice giving it all a little FaceFashionology flair;
I've dressed up this navy sleeveless playsuit with a black and gold belt and a tweed boucle Chanel-like jacket to transform a summer staple into perfect outfit for dinner with the boyfriend - and boyfriend, if you're reading this.. HINT!

The shape is so flattering, with its structured panelled waist and pleated hip detail, that the girls at Miss Real London has been so kind to give us all a second colour option; Coral. For a momentary lapse in thickened sky, the sun decided to shine and inspired my styling of this version. I've worn it with a cream braided belt and mint shrunken blazer as an ode to the pastel inspiration that's trying ever so hard to break through - but the cloud just wont let it!

This pink colour block dress has to be my favourite of this capsule collection, the colour is so flattering to pale skin and the white based option is a holiday must have, to show off that sun-kissed glow. The shape is so delicate that it goes perfectly with my Topshop chain bird bracelet, and I'm definitley going to get my wear out of this one.

The interest around the relaunch of Miss Real London has only been fuelled by this latest achievement and speaking from a totally unbiased perspective (of course!) I don't see them going anywhere. Keep your ear to the ground for the next drop of Miss Real London at New Look, and many more of the big names in retail - Asos Marketplace? Wait and see.

Much love;

Monday, 27 February 2012

Blanche in the Brambles;

Its been two weeks since I wandered the pink floor of the Pure Show London and it has taken me until now to finally sit down and collect all the pictures, all the cards and all the press emails and begin sharing them with you. I know it's terrible; where are my priorities these days?! And, I just noticed that I haven’t posted since last weekend. This post in certainly overdue.

Wading through the many pictures I took during my two days at the show, I found a few very interesting and innovative designers/brands and, with a little refresh of my memory, I feel the same excitement to share them with you as I got at the time.

So; I shall begin show and tell time with one of the most unique (and my personal favourite, inspired by my innate obsession with anything fur – Faux ring a bell?) collections I found on the accessory floor;
                        -and on a side note; the shoes and accessory floor was what I imagine walking into heaven will be like

Blanche in the Brambles

 I find there is always a little magic behind the specialist collections, within the industry. They have their own handwriting and, although they develop and mould as they grow, they have the luxury of focusing on and perfecting their initial concept, instead trying to everything - and half-heartedly at that! That's exactly what Blanche in the Brambles have; luxury. Inspired by the same ethos as Faux, all Brambles products are designed and manufactured in the UK and therefore remain a true representation of one aspect of the multifaceted British style.

With such a strong collection of simple shapes in beautifully coloured, high quality furs, Blanche in the Brambles is the type of label that is beginning to mop the floor with the high street. In this economic climate, people aren't interested in the 'throw-away' fashion of the high street and more tempted by the quality and orginality of the high end, investment labels.

If you are one of those very clever people, then be prepared for the ever-changing spontaneity of the English weather and invest in Blanche in the Brambles for the warm and cosy way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your transitional wardrobe right now. And, I don't know about you but I'm certainly tempted by the grey/taupe fur hat with the pink bows! - So much so that I'm actually longing for the return of the icy breath of winter; and summer hasn't even started yet!

Much love;
Facebook: Blanche in the Brambles

Friday, 17 February 2012

Behind The Scenes at RuffleRuffle for Asos Marketplace

Today was the perfect end to one of the most hectic weeks to date!

Monday and Tuesday saw me hoppin from train to train as I danced around London between castings and the Pure Show London; in my beautifull RuffleRuffle ensembles. On Wednesday I was forced to look to my future (something that scares the begeebes out of me) as I had my first tour around the amazing Kings College London, which has only made the desicion, of which University to go to, even harder. Thursday was a blur of textbooks, revision cards and highlights as I frantically tried to catch up on the revision time I'd lost the past three days. And, today was spent back in my comfort zone, in front of the camera, as myself, Hollie Carlin Photography and RuffleRuffle braved the cold condition and threat of rain to photograph the latest collection to hit Asos Marketplace next week.

Looking at the tiny paragraph above, I'm feeling that my highlights are really doing myself justice and will only make myself sound like a whimp with my next sentence. Nevertheless, I shall proceed...

Because of the utter tiredness that is englufing my mind at this point, today blog post will end here with a few behind the scenes images and sneak previews of the shoot. Enjoy.

And, in the spirit of teasing, heres a sneak preview of the final editioral images;
 Only a few; don't want to give the game away!

Like I said, it was the perfect end to the busy, yet promising, week of 2012. The team were back together and we definitley took that location by storm, we even had an audience! (To that man whose phone call lasted well over 3 hours; I hope you went over your phone bill!)

Much love;

Photographer: Hollie Carlin
Designer: Jodie Ruffle for RuffleRuffle
Makeup and Hair: Hyekun Lily Park
Model: Lauren Franklin (Zone-Models)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

'Pure' and Unadulterated Fashion; Day 2

Today was rather more eventful than the previous and, I must admit, it is rather a nice feeling to be sat at home right now, in my pyjamas, relaxing. Amoung spending the majority of the day networking with the multitude of buyers swarming the Miss Real London stand, I also had to dance around London, navigating the tube, for a series of castings. Talk about hectic?!

Therefore, my day began with the first of the castings around Oxford Circus, which I can't say I mind because it gave me the opportunity to see the high street market at its best. Or so I thought. Apart from the odd little peplum blouse of H&M and a few beautiful pairs of heels in Topshop; I found nothing to tickle my fashion senses! Boring certainly does spring to mind at this point.

A quick change, in the toilet cubical of the Pure Show London, from my 'simple casting atire', later, and I was back in my element. Wearing another beautiful piece from the talent that is RuffleRuffle, I become part of the blur of colour brightening the stark white of the Olympia Stadium. The asymmetric teal blouse from the last spring collection added a flash of colour to my black-jean-white-blouse ensemble; and what is a FaceFashionologist outfit without my soon to be ( ;) ) infamous bowtie!

Oh RuffleRuffle, how I love thee! Oh wait, what is this;

New Collection?
ASOS Marketplace?
Coming soon?

Yes! I shall keep you posted, readers, on the drop of RuffleRuffle's new hybrid collection, with pictures of course! Until then...

Much love;

P.s... I can't wait to show you all the amazing labels/brands that I've met over the past two days! Just need to find the time to sit down and write them all!