Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ugly Betty's Evolution

I'm sure most of you fashion freaks, like me, watch every single fashion related programme there is available on TV and among the likes of Gossip Girl and E! Fashion Police, Ugly Betty is regarded very highly. Ugly Betty is one of my favourite programmes for the simple reason that she works in the exact industry that I want to, and I know that it is fictional, but its a representation of what the Glossys are like, all the way from Vogue to Elle and back to Cosmo, and I just love fantasizing about working there. AND - you have gotta give props to Patricia Fields for her clever styling of all the cast of Ugly Betty, my favourite being Amanda! - the transformation of Betty is inspired.

I was very excited to see the relocation of Betty to London but very sad for it to be the last ever episode of Ugly Betty! I loved seeing the transformation of Betty from her first day at Mode to her ensemble as she strutted the streets of London;

Betty really has given me the inspiration to go for what I want and she is the definition of style; having to conviction to wear what she wants, granted it doesn't always pay off - okay, hardly ever! but that doesn't stop her!

And, I genuinely believe that style comes from the individual and just because its not 'trendy' shouldnt stop you from wearing it!

Much love;

P.s. As its the Christmas season and all that and my family say I spend too much time on my blog, I've decided to take a break until the new year. So I will see you all on January 1st with a little fresh perspective, ready and raring to go for the fashion of 2011 - although, do check back occasionally in case I can't resist blogging about my fashion filled festivities...


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Chloe's Models Danced Down The Catwalk;

Although were all eaagrly waiting the 70's inspired Spring 2011 trend to take over the high street, Paris fashion Week wasnt all Studio 54 disco queens and peasant dresses, there was a lot more going on in between. A trend that I'm most looking forward to seeing how the high street translate but most importantly, how YOU translate into your style next season is the Chloe pioneered, minimalistic, aptly named, Ballerina Chic collection. Tight hair buns, ballet pumps and sheer skirts all made their dance down the Spring 2011 catwalks back in September: ballet was on the brain for many designers when it came to 2011 trends.

Designers like Chloe and Erdem channeled the Ballets Russes,an avant-garde ballet troupe which performed under the directorship of Sergei Diaghilev between 1909 and 1929,  inspiration collection with their models prancing down the catwalk in the new combinations of  white wrap dresses, sheer, ankle-length skirts and skin tight leotard-inspired tops but, with the likes of Chloe, using their infinate pleated chiffon dresses - which reminded me of the dress of Chloe's Autumm 2004 collection (one of my favourite collections of Chloes - Ever)

I do love the concept of this trend but I think the execution could pose some issues; with the skirst being so sheer, this would entail 'daring to bare' or some suggest wearing with trousers (envisioning the primary school nightmare of jeans + skirt combination - thats enough to give me palpatations!) or the comeback of the slip. Wouldnt that take away from the sheer - yes pun intended - beauty and femininity of the look, no?

I'm loving Chloes minimalstic, natural approach
BUT - the shocking modern twist to the Ballerina trend that Erdem takes is an idea that gets my creative juices flowing...

Would you dare to bare?

Much love;

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Post-Christmas Sale Before Christmas? Makes Sense -


Sorry for the sudden intrusive but haul yourself out of the warmth of your bed this morning, drag yourself over to any computer/laptop equipment and get-to-sale-shopping on River Island. Their 'post Christmas' sales have commenced earlier this year (as opposed to previous years where they were after christmas hence their name - 'post christmas'). If you need an excuse to go shopping then here's a tip to show your selflessness this christmas time; grab those few extra bargains to fill out your presents to your friends and if you just so happen to see those pair of studded leather shoes boots left in your size - well then it must be fate!

As you can tell, I have been up to shop in this sale, up since 6am when the sale first started. With 4 cups of heavily sweetened tea, 2 strawberry nutrigrain bars and a whole lot of hard earned cash spent (in support of the ecomonmy of course); you should see the bargains that I got my hands on today...

                     £25                                        £15

Team with cream knee high socks and chocolate brown brogues, or if you want a little more individuality wear with a pair of fur lined aviator inspired ankle boots for a vintage, fashionable take on a traditional school ma'am look!

A word of advice;
Be careful not to buy too much; rememeber its christmas in 4 days!

Much love;

Monday, 20 December 2010

Carrie Bradshaw Circa 2010

During my lunch break from work today, well I wouldn't say work because that makes it sound like I have a ounce of ability to focus enough to keep a job (on second thoughts, that doesn't set a good impression of me - I'm just easily amused which translates as easily distracted) so whenever I'm off college (school holidays etc) I go into work for my mum (who is joint owner with my dad of a fashion supplier company) - and no, I wouldn't be REALLY jealous, I don't always get to do all the cool jobs (especially today!) Sorry I digress... As I was saying;

During my lunch break I was stalking Sarah Jessica Parker - well Carrie Bradshaw to be precise - (as you do) for a little fashion inspiration for the new year. As winter is slowly melted by the increasing warmth radiating from the spring sun, the huge (unflattering but oh so warm) jumpers and furry boots find their way to the back of your wardrobe and your left wiith last years collection of clothes that send instant brain impulses of 'what the hell was I thinking?!' and thus a mad rush to the shops. And all the 'bargains' you bought in the boxing day sales then become (to be fair they already were) a pointless waste of money and happiness at the thought of new clothes!

So I propose a 'spring cleaning' in December. No- I'm not saying literally pack up your winter warmers tomorrow, that would be just plain stupid (have you seen how cold it is?!) But plan ahead, do your research. I bet some of you readers are thinking that fashion is all about instinct and you can't plan it and your right but I'm saying be smart; its all in the science...

Studying your fashion icons; channel the catwalks; add a dash of your own style and finally scour the high street...
Next season, I'm taking inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw circa 2010 (Sex and the city 2) and her 'best man' attire; slim fitted tuxedo suit and ornate feminine headress (mixing masculine and feminine)

Much love;

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mission: London at Christmas Time... (Part 2)

Don't panic, I did manage to make it out of London alive (it was touch and go for a while)

I bet all my readers, that heard of the blanker of snow that smothered the whole of the London area to complete standstill yesterday, were glad they didn't take inspiration from yesterday's blog and venture into London also.

I stepped out of Topshop (Oxford Circus) where my eye were met with the sight of millions of frosted flakes floating gracefully, enticed by the effect of gravity, and with each drop, cloaking the streets of London and all the people walking its pavements-turned-ice-rink.

*I thought I'd take a stab at a little photography (and editing) but heres a few snaps of the snow infested Oxford Circus High Street....

I've never seen London so pretty; the effortless intertwining of the snowflakes as they fell upon the twinkling Christmas Lights decorating a typically industrial looking place.

Despite the snowfall making it nearly impossible to walk around inside any shop, as people poured into them as a ploy to escape the blizzard-like weather conditions, 'London at Christmas Time' wasn't as I expected. I rather enjoyed it as opposed to the dreaded human dodgeball scenario I had in my mind.

If you want to experience British Fashion at its most savage then venture into London around Christmas time but make sure you check the weather forecast so it doesn't take you 4 and a half hours to get home, a journey that would normally take 40 minutes!

Much love;

Friday, 17 December 2010

Mission: London at Christmas Time...

Good Morning bloggers....
Part 1
Let me give you a little insight to what my day will be like;
      Half of it spent queueing .
      Walking like sardines packed into a tin.
      Empty bank balance.

Yes, you guessed it - I'm going christmas shopping in London, Oxford Circus to be more precise.
'Are you out of your mind?!' - Is the first thing to enter your mind when you read that, was it not?

My response is that I quite possibly am.
Every year I've managed to have never experienced London shopping a week before Christmas, for the simple reason that I have avoided it like the plague, so I only have a well justifiable conception of what it is going to be like. This year, I'm making it my mission to experience the majestic 'London at Christmas Time' to prove that I am a hardcore shopper and to give any of my Fashionologist (!) an insight into this right of passage into British Fashion ....

I will post later on the this evening to let you know whether I'd survive my misson (or not)

Till Later;

Much love;

Festive Fever...

I love to shop.
To anyone who knows me, that fact is undisputed.

But when it comes to christmas time and buying presents for friends and family my brain goes into overdrive and short-circuits resulting in my shopping mojo dwindling into non-existence. I come down with an intense case of festive fever...

One thing I potentially love more than shopping (if their even is such a thing) is shopping for someone else, more specifically; (excuse the cheesy cliche) Fashion Makeovers! The second that shopping for someone else becomes a nesessity, I freak out.
My mind goes blank.
I loose all knowledge
just freak.
I mean, it can be so hard to find the right present, you have to; make sure you dont get something that someone else has already bought; that you dont spend less on them than they do on you; and that its something that they'll even like!

And if any of you are like me then I'm sure that you'd agree, when it comes to this time of the year you go into mental meltdown.

I've conjured a few tips to help you this festive season with only just over a week to go;

  • A cosy vintage jumper for your girlfriends..
  • La Sensa pjs for your mum (and theyre doing really quirky slippers there this year!)
  • Socks for your dad
  • Converse high-tops that your longing your boyfriend to wear but he just wont buy them
  • You know that dress that your sister ALWAYS hints that she loves whenever you wear? Buy it in a different colour 
  • and if all else fails a trip to Topshop's gift section will allow you to round off any present...
I hope I've managed to make the festive season a little more enjoyable (and I guess I really should learn to take my own advice.. For the love of Santa; I haven't even started looking yet!)

Much love;

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Glove It Up!

We are now hitting the dead of winter where fashion goes right out the window and the only thing your thinking is how many layers can you squeeze below your coat to retain as much heat as possible whilst braving the frozen winds of London.

People say that you loose heat through your head and feet so warm shoes and a hat, but everyone seems to forget your hands! Look after your hands in winter; (theyre one of the tell tale signs of aging.... (not that you need to think about that now, but you will!)) protect them! Glove it up!

In the past seasons we have seen the glove make a slight return, with the fingerless leather 'biker' gloves or the lace 'tea party' gloves. Now,  they are back in full force; granted it's more of the knitted mittens than elbow length leather gloves available on the high street but scour the vintage sites for the new take on gloves.

Heres a few of my favs;


Much love;

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ruffle Ruffle's Got My Feathers In A Fruffle!

When I started this blog I wanted, if at all, to talk about designers only in passing. I wanted my blog to be relatable, not to conjure some fantasy inspired ideology about fashion that young girls like myself have no hope, let alone bank balance, to channel into our style. But I worked with this certain designer and I must deliver credit where credit is due; this is one talented women. So with slight animosity yet extreme uncontrollable desire, I introduce to you;

'Ruffle Ruffle'

London based designer brand, master minded by Jodie Ruffle, plays with unusual fabrics, intricate cuts and ornate shapes to create 'a uniquely feminine, sexy yet playful look.' 

The Autumn/Winter collection, available to buy on, takes inspirations from 'Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table' feminizing and softening the harsh impact of the amour styles within the lazer cut layered scalloping and chain inspired knits.

Be prepared for a pull of your heart strings when you see the intense juxtaposition between strong and soft embodied within each individual piece of the collection, and the kick in the stomach when your eyes fall upon the annoyingly justifiable prices...

*Prices range from £140 for the linked chain knitted scarf to £350 for the intricate scale effect body con dress with layered shoulder feature.

Sorry to torture you. Ever heard the phrase; 'window shopping' 
I think thats applicable right now.

Not that you need it, but you have Fashionologist's mark of approval; 
Much love;

P.S. Ruffle Ruffle Spring/Summer collection available in February

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Twenties in the Tweenies...

Right now I am loving the nod to the 20's era found in the majority of the decadent 'christmas party' dresses this season. Its an interesting take on the typical sequin ridden mini dresses that you see every year!

In my opinion, Topshop have grasped the concept better than most with ASOS following closely behind...

Heavily embellished, sequined and beaded, embodied in the typical 1920's silhouette - drop-waist, midi length - they have managed to add a modern twist on the vintage styles by using interesting colour combinations and adapting the styles slightly.



Amazing dress; HUGE price tag
£130 -£250

Much love;

Monday, 13 December 2010

'Tis the season to be jolly....

Im sure you all have played witness to those 'cool' christmas jumpers that your uncle wears as a ploy to 'get down with the young'ns' ( as they say the 'lingo' is) but could you contemplate those questionable, yet I think quite cool, jumpers, with those animals wearing christmas hats or snowmen with pompom scarves, actually becoming fashionable?

Now Im impartial to a quirky vintage jumper, many of which peoples reactions (particularly my nan) range from that of; 'you look like you jumped out of an 80's sitcom' or my personal favourite; 'you look like a knitting machine spit up on you', and am all for a little christmas spirit in the wardrobe but Im not sure if even I could handle this becoming a trend..

Could you imagine?...

Thanks to Granny's Christmas jumpers, it's Britain's most colourful clan
Read more:
BUT. I have found a few less literal christmas jumpers to give you some ideas...

Quirky? Are they not?
My personal favourite;
Buying from the high street or even most vintage sites can be expensive so I say; asks grams to knit you one for a christmas present... Gets you a jumper for free and gives your little old nan something to do.

Much love;

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The 'Vogue Experience'

And before your minds start to ponder to extremities of Vogue allowing the everyday girl to wonder its halls, let me put the record straight...
No I'm talking about Vogue US; Get real! Do you not know the reputation of Anna Wintour?!

I have never wanted to be Italian more in my life than right now.
Weird thing to want, I know, but you will completely understand once you hear why;

Vogue Italia is opening its doors to its readers for a sort of open house  styled day in which they get a rare behind-the-scenes look at how the magazine is put together, and the lucky sods get chance to meet-and-greet with editor in chief Franca Sozzani.  As if that wasn't enough...  they get the opportunity to meet boldface names in Italian design like Donatella Versace and Angela Missoni.
This experience, “The Vogue Experience”, is in celebration of  the launch of Sozzani’s book, I Capricci Della Moda (“The whims of fashion”), which is a collection of her blog posts from the Vogue site where she talks about anything on fashion and feminism.
“It will be like spending an afternoon at an art gallery,” Sozzani says, “You will get the answers to the questions you didn’t yet have a chance to ask. Great designers will satisfy the curiosity of young aspiring ones. Why shouldn’t you participate in this?”

Much love;

Friday, 10 December 2010

Moss Makes 'Who's Who'

Moss bags 'Legend' status.

The 2011 edition of 'Who's Who'the essential directory of the noteworthy and influential in all walks of life, in the UK and worldwide, published annually since 1849, has just been released and among the vast amount of political figures, actors, artists and professors to made their way into the acclaimed book this year, one starlet that your sure to recognize claimed her spot in the 2011 edition; Kate Moss.

With 234 new female icons staking their claim, this year's edition has the highest proportion of female entries to date. Joining Kate in this honor is British designer; Matthew Williamson, iconic hairdresser; Vidal Sasoon and legendary music guru; Simon Cowell. Although England's finest; Naomi Campbell is yet to be listed.

Congrats Kate;

‘What is it that really puts the stamp of eminence on a modern British life? Two things count today: having an entry in Who’s Who and being asked to choose your eight favourite records on BBC’s Desert Island Discs.’
         -The Wall Street Journal

Much love;

All Saints; Do You Actually Just Hate Me?!

I don't know why I do it to myself, to be perfectly honest. Its just so enticing. No one can walk past the All Saints shop and not want to go in there; and if you say you can - Your Lying!

All Saints - why do you feel the constant need to torture me!

I am a huge fan of All Saints and their distinctive handwriting that they stamp every item of every collection that they produced, (I must admit though, once you have become bankrupt from buying a few key pieces you kind of have 'everything') Nonetheless; I love it.

Whilst torturing myself, as I so clearly like to do to myself every time my browser so happens to load their page, I came across these.

All Saints Paila;

A one-off creation.
Strong lines; intense impact.
Dancing on the line between modernity and femininity
Embracing the rawity of construction....

Bank Balance: £0
Enough said.

Much love;

Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Mullet In Reincarnation?

Yes you did read right; that iconic hairstyle that is associated with the 80's 'Business in the front; Party in the back' is making a comeback.

You can relax, its not as literal as you may think.

'The Mullet Dress' systematically named after its resemblance to the 80's haircut; short at the front and long at the back, is taking the Red Carpet by storm this season with many-a-celebs opting for this dramatic hemline. A bold statement, that I'm not entirely sure is my cup of tea....
If it weren't for the immediate flashbacks to that(!) wedding dress in Guns 'n' Roses November Rain video (of which, for the record, I still cannot fathom the upheaval in the fashion world at that time; people went crazy!) then maybe I would succumb to the idea.
Now tell me that picture does not conjure an instant *cringe!

Although, some celebs have managed to perfect its execution (well almost)

I must say I prefer the graduated hemline of the blue Versace; Alba's couture Valatino is too literal...

If that wedding dress hasn't put you off then here's a highstreet interpretation from Topshop £45...
Now that is definitely unique.

Much love;

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Official Gaga Day

All you major Gaga fans out there will be excited to hear that as part of tomorrow's launch of Madam Tussauds new Lady Gaga collection; which includes a selected eight of the very distinctive 'Lady Gaga' styles, they will be offering the first 100 guests to arrive dressed as their heroine will be admitted to see the figure free of charge.

Madam Tussauds, London and 7 various other Tussaud attractions around the world including; London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Hong Kong, will be featuring said figures and will be revealing each different dressed figure on 9th December 2010.

Heres hoping that her infamous 'Meat Dress' will be Londons feature...

Much love;

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Time to Follow 'Suit'

Six starlets in one week alone!
The latest trend to take the celebrity fashion world by storm; masculine suits.

Leighton Meester was the first to shock with her style overhaul as she sported the androgynous look at the Gotham Independent Film Awards. The next to follow 'suit' was Winona Ryder, with a close succession of Jessica Alba, in a shirtless Dolce & Gabana black silk suit.

This new trend has then made another 3 appearances on the Red Carpet, making it the newest style option for the fashion savvy celebrities.

Its quite an interesting look, but I would definitely receive some weird looks walking around Chelmsford in that ensemble!

Much love;

Monday, 6 December 2010

A McQueen Apocalypse..

On February 11th 2010 the fashion world mourned the death of acclaimed designer; Alexander McQueen . That day, as many of you will empathise with this, my world was shattered (sounds slightly extreme, but you must understand!)

In less than a decade one of Britain's finest artistic talents achieved world renowned status; shocking an already extroverted concept of fashion with his raw emotion intertwined in his collections. He altered the face of fashion making the 'builder bum' fashionable and turning 'Gothic' into a fashion statement.

He taught the fashion world to expect the unexpected.
He is now being honoured where he will be receiving the posthumous award; Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design, a prize that previously has recipients of the likes of; John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood.

"The Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates the exceptional talent of an individual who has contributed to the British fashion industry, both internationally and here in the UK, throughout their career," Harold Tillam explained. There was only one person we felt we could recognise with this award this year - Lee McQueen."

Much love;

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Ethical Revolution

Fair Trade? Ethical ? Organic?
We are now 'considered' to be in the age of ethical trading and fair trade fashion but who would be willing to pay through nose to 'support the environment' to buy into various ethical designers labels, such as; Seattle-based Prairie Underground -  whose collection includes organic cotton and remnant/salvaged fabrics that are ethically made in Seattle. Although amazing;
but priced at $210; who has the money to be 'environmentally friendly?!
On the other hand, the 'affordable' labels such as People Tree are still out of reach of the average shopper and if the fashion industry; one of the biggest and most influential industries in our economy, is going to be successful in making 'Ethical Fashion' a way of life instead of an ideology then - educating the mass public is only the first step. 
It needs to be approachable, affordable and available!

"Ethical/sustainable fashion is not a separate industry but rather a new language or way of approaching the existing methods and systems," 
          -Ethical fashion consultant Jocelyn Whipple.
How can we be expected to join the revolution if were going to end up looking like a frump?!

Much love;