Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vintage at Cheap Prices? - Neverr.....

Autumn is my favourite season; for the simple reason that fashion doesnt get any more fun to play with! Spring and summer are fun but your more interested in keeping cool and in my opinion stylings never really vary in the summer; Floral! Floral! Floral - BORING.. and not really my style tbh. But when it gets to Autumn im in my element, - untill December.

Its too cold to be fashionable.

Well i think I've found the answer...
Casually browsing the internet, i stumbled across this amazing little vintage site called 'KissMeQuickBoutique' (and before you stop reading, its not the typical vintage site that you find nowadays that charge you the earth for a SECOND HAND blouse - although admittedly there are some pretty good finds on there) who sell the most ridiculously quirky and cute winter jumpers at unbelievably low prices - yes i did say 'low' girls;

Team with a pair of leggins and little boots and your sorted till february.

Kissmequickboutique certainly gets Fashionologist's mark of approval;

Id get in there quick girls, before i buy everything.

Much love;

Monday, 29 November 2010

High Street Knock-offs at Its Worst?

On behalf of British fashionistas out there; i send my deepest apologies to Daniella Issa Helayel (founder of designer label; Issa) for the apauling 'copy' of the pretty(-but-let's-face-it-boring) Issa dress that Kate Middleton wore to announce he engagment to Prince William.

Now im all for high street's knock off versions of designer clothes - i mean how else are we meant to look as fierce as the models strutting down the fashion week catwalks, but this really takes the medal for the worst designer interpretation that Ive seen - to date....

Tesco £16
and yes - that is their replica... its so obvious isnt it!

The fabric makes it look so much cheaper than it already is and for an already simple dress, did you REALLY have to axe the long sleeves?! i think that's the only thing stopping it from looking like a frumpy maternity dress (no offence)
In all fairness though, props to Kate as she does look stunning, even though its not exactly hard to dress a figure like that, but its not exactly the most fashionable dress;

I, for one, don't understand why people have gone mental for this, let alone how Tesco can claim that that is their replica?

Much love;

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Can 'Business' be 'Fashionable' ?

Now viewers, I need your help with this one....
I'm writing a style feature for the sixth form newsletter and its going to be about how to have fun with fashion within the limitations of the dress code. With a little honesty, i haven't been the best example of this as my uniform is often the cause of my regular visits to the directors office! and i'm not sure what to write?

i thought about using the current 'trends' and expanding from there but its pretty hard to find tweed heritage inspired skirts that are 'below knee length' or cigarette trousers that are 'ankle length' and don't get me started on dresses - who the hell owns a dress that is 37inches and unless your 10 foot tall, you've got no hope of pulling that off!

Basically they want us girls to look like we've jumped out of an episode of Dallas or are in the running for the next Maggie Thatcher.....

"Dynasty" Linda Evans 1986 ABC

Not a good look, eh girls?!;

Stay posted for my response...

Much love;

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mens Fashion, or the Lack of...

 I know i only posted yesterday but as Will Mealey said so kindly; 'do a blog post everyday otherwise ill be bored and you dont want that...' so i guess i have no choice but to post because he really is soooooooo scary!

and just for him, im going to blog about Mens Fashion;
i had to do a little research into this because its not something that i tend to know a lot about but during said 'research' which involved trawling through numerous pictures of hot, muscular men (thanks to the 2011 catwalks of Westwood and Gautier with special thanks the bare-chested 'outfits' at Armani and Dolce & Gabbana) i uncovered some really questionable 'fashion trends' although -speaking for the women of the world - i wasnt complaining....
Dont you just feel for me, this whole blogging thing is such hard work...
-and yes, i will be nice enough to attach some pictures;

Now, im all for quirky individualism but you seriously would have to have MASSIVE balls (both literally and metaphorically) to walk down the street following That trend.

From a female point of view - if you can pull that off then you should be on the catwalk, not the sidewalk - but take note of Ed Westwick (Better know was Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl);
So Much Purple
  Girls are impartial to men in a suit.
-why do you think i wanted to go Braintree Sixth Form... Boys in 'business dress'? Yes please!

Much love;

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What is Fashion?

Right now it is a Wednesday morning and after an intense ToK lesson yesterday (ToK is part of the IB course im taking - yes i no what your thinking, and no i didn't contemplate the fact that by taking the IB i'd have no social life - where you learn about the 'Theory of Knowledge'). As i was saying, after an intense lesson of ToK where we were talking about the theory of emotions and how we know what an emotion is blahblahblah, it got me thinking.....

How do we decide what 'Fashion' is ?
Whats in 'Fashion'?

Cant fashion be whatever you want it to be? I mean, having style and being fashionable is about having the conviction to wear what you want.
Take this;

No one but Lady Gaga would have the bottle to wear a meat (for lack of a better word) dress and fair play to her for wearing it. Granted - she got slated but if you can find anyone that can make a piece of meat draped across your body look better than she does, then by all means... Comment!

So, i think we should all take a leaf out of Gaga's book, (no matter what its made of)
Dont you?
-Just a little food for thought ;)

Much love;

(Credit to Jordan Phillips for Gaga input) @Jordan_PtP

Monday, 22 November 2010

Day 1

Before i start 'talking your ears off' as far as one can talk someone's ears off in a blog, i want to tell you a little bit about myself.
When i was 10, and i was saying that i wanted to be a 'magazine person' or the typical singer/actor career dreams - my dad said to me, 'be an -ologist, we dont have an -ologist in the family'. and that got me thinking...
And my 10 year old brain came up with this and thus the concept for my blog; 

i will be a 'Fashion-ologist'

Now being 16 and finding out that that career title isnt possible, ive slightly altered it - in now wanting to get into fashion media in the form of fashion journalism and hence the reason for starting my blog; to gain experience :)

Enough about me; looking at the title, you'll automatically think 'another superficial "fashion" blog from someone who thinks they know everything about fashion when in fact their prose is littered with contradiction, ill-mannered thought and utter drival' but i hope ( i may be wrong and that is in fact what you think about me) that my blog will be more than this. of course, as the title so subtly gives away, it will be about fashion but i want it to be more than that. i want fashion to be understood by all and related by all. 
so basically, im going to talk about anything and everything that pops into my mind ( and i warn that can be a little dangerous) 
And so it begins......

Much love;