Sunday, 28 November 2010

Can 'Business' be 'Fashionable' ?

Now viewers, I need your help with this one....
I'm writing a style feature for the sixth form newsletter and its going to be about how to have fun with fashion within the limitations of the dress code. With a little honesty, i haven't been the best example of this as my uniform is often the cause of my regular visits to the directors office! and i'm not sure what to write?

i thought about using the current 'trends' and expanding from there but its pretty hard to find tweed heritage inspired skirts that are 'below knee length' or cigarette trousers that are 'ankle length' and don't get me started on dresses - who the hell owns a dress that is 37inches and unless your 10 foot tall, you've got no hope of pulling that off!

Basically they want us girls to look like we've jumped out of an episode of Dallas or are in the running for the next Maggie Thatcher.....

"Dynasty" Linda Evans 1986 ABC

Not a good look, eh girls?!;

Stay posted for my response...

Much love;

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