Monday, 29 November 2010

High Street Knock-offs at Its Worst?

On behalf of British fashionistas out there; i send my deepest apologies to Daniella Issa Helayel (founder of designer label; Issa) for the apauling 'copy' of the pretty(-but-let's-face-it-boring) Issa dress that Kate Middleton wore to announce he engagment to Prince William.

Now im all for high street's knock off versions of designer clothes - i mean how else are we meant to look as fierce as the models strutting down the fashion week catwalks, but this really takes the medal for the worst designer interpretation that Ive seen - to date....

Tesco £16
and yes - that is their replica... its so obvious isnt it!

The fabric makes it look so much cheaper than it already is and for an already simple dress, did you REALLY have to axe the long sleeves?! i think that's the only thing stopping it from looking like a frumpy maternity dress (no offence)
In all fairness though, props to Kate as she does look stunning, even though its not exactly hard to dress a figure like that, but its not exactly the most fashionable dress;

I, for one, don't understand why people have gone mental for this, let alone how Tesco can claim that that is their replica?

Much love;

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