Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vintage at Cheap Prices? - Neverr.....

Autumn is my favourite season; for the simple reason that fashion doesnt get any more fun to play with! Spring and summer are fun but your more interested in keeping cool and in my opinion stylings never really vary in the summer; Floral! Floral! Floral - BORING.. and not really my style tbh. But when it gets to Autumn im in my element, - untill December.

Its too cold to be fashionable.

Well i think I've found the answer...
Casually browsing the internet, i stumbled across this amazing little vintage site called 'KissMeQuickBoutique' (and before you stop reading, its not the typical vintage site that you find nowadays that charge you the earth for a SECOND HAND blouse - although admittedly there are some pretty good finds on there) who sell the most ridiculously quirky and cute winter jumpers at unbelievably low prices - yes i did say 'low' girls;

Team with a pair of leggins and little boots and your sorted till february.

Kissmequickboutique certainly gets Fashionologist's mark of approval;

Id get in there quick girls, before i buy everything.

Much love;

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