Wednesday, 24 November 2010

What is Fashion?

Right now it is a Wednesday morning and after an intense ToK lesson yesterday (ToK is part of the IB course im taking - yes i no what your thinking, and no i didn't contemplate the fact that by taking the IB i'd have no social life - where you learn about the 'Theory of Knowledge'). As i was saying, after an intense lesson of ToK where we were talking about the theory of emotions and how we know what an emotion is blahblahblah, it got me thinking.....

How do we decide what 'Fashion' is ?
Whats in 'Fashion'?

Cant fashion be whatever you want it to be? I mean, having style and being fashionable is about having the conviction to wear what you want.
Take this;

No one but Lady Gaga would have the bottle to wear a meat (for lack of a better word) dress and fair play to her for wearing it. Granted - she got slated but if you can find anyone that can make a piece of meat draped across your body look better than she does, then by all means... Comment!

So, i think we should all take a leaf out of Gaga's book, (no matter what its made of)
Dont you?
-Just a little food for thought ;)

Much love;

(Credit to Jordan Phillips for Gaga input) @Jordan_PtP

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  1. the meat dress is just as crazy as some of the dresses made of hair on Americas next top model this week!