Saturday, 4 December 2010

Clothes Show Live

As all women in 'fashion speaking' world would know what I meant by; the first weekend of December;
    Clothes Show Live.

I have to admit that the Clothes Show is more hype than substance; hordes of people shoving and pushing to make their way through the overly packed NEC (and I swear to God that if I never see another Rimmel bag in my life I shall be happy; they are lethal!) isn't exactly my idea of 'retail therapy' more like 'battle of the shoppers'

And don't get me started on the clothes...
(i do give them their dues as the make up and hair products are very impressive and at such a bargain; a cheeky tenner for goody bags from Rimmel, Barry M, Bourjois and the likes)
But unless your one for a rummage in the vintage stalls (again - THEY ARE SECOND HAND, £40 FOR A JUMPER - NO!) or my personal favourite; Oxfam (<3) or your a fan of 'boutique' (and i use the word boutique loosely) crap then there isn't really much there.

One good thing i will say about the Clothes Show (and its a big 'one thing') in the 3 years that ive consecutively attended it - they never fail to out do themselves on the catwalk/dance show. This year it was spectacular with a 'night at the movies' theme. And - the clothes were amazing, not to mention the male models;

Even though I basically have just slated the Clothes Show, i fully intend on going next year and pretty much all the years after that...
Next year; better exhibitionist please!
Oh and more male models.

Much love;

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