Monday, 20 December 2010

Carrie Bradshaw Circa 2010

During my lunch break from work today, well I wouldn't say work because that makes it sound like I have a ounce of ability to focus enough to keep a job (on second thoughts, that doesn't set a good impression of me - I'm just easily amused which translates as easily distracted) so whenever I'm off college (school holidays etc) I go into work for my mum (who is joint owner with my dad of a fashion supplier company) - and no, I wouldn't be REALLY jealous, I don't always get to do all the cool jobs (especially today!) Sorry I digress... As I was saying;

During my lunch break I was stalking Sarah Jessica Parker - well Carrie Bradshaw to be precise - (as you do) for a little fashion inspiration for the new year. As winter is slowly melted by the increasing warmth radiating from the spring sun, the huge (unflattering but oh so warm) jumpers and furry boots find their way to the back of your wardrobe and your left wiith last years collection of clothes that send instant brain impulses of 'what the hell was I thinking?!' and thus a mad rush to the shops. And all the 'bargains' you bought in the boxing day sales then become (to be fair they already were) a pointless waste of money and happiness at the thought of new clothes!

So I propose a 'spring cleaning' in December. No- I'm not saying literally pack up your winter warmers tomorrow, that would be just plain stupid (have you seen how cold it is?!) But plan ahead, do your research. I bet some of you readers are thinking that fashion is all about instinct and you can't plan it and your right but I'm saying be smart; its all in the science...

Studying your fashion icons; channel the catwalks; add a dash of your own style and finally scour the high street...
Next season, I'm taking inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw circa 2010 (Sex and the city 2) and her 'best man' attire; slim fitted tuxedo suit and ornate feminine headress (mixing masculine and feminine)

Much love;

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