Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Ethical Revolution

Fair Trade? Ethical ? Organic?
We are now 'considered' to be in the age of ethical trading and fair trade fashion but who would be willing to pay through nose to 'support the environment' to buy into various ethical designers labels, such as; Seattle-based Prairie Underground -  whose collection includes organic cotton and remnant/salvaged fabrics that are ethically made in Seattle. Although amazing;
but priced at $210; who has the money to be 'environmentally friendly?!
On the other hand, the 'affordable' labels such as People Tree are still out of reach of the average shopper and if the fashion industry; one of the biggest and most influential industries in our economy, is going to be successful in making 'Ethical Fashion' a way of life instead of an ideology then - educating the mass public is only the first step. 
It needs to be approachable, affordable and available!

"Ethical/sustainable fashion is not a separate industry but rather a new language or way of approaching the existing methods and systems," 
          -Ethical fashion consultant Jocelyn Whipple.
How can we be expected to join the revolution if were going to end up looking like a frump?!

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