Friday, 17 December 2010

Festive Fever...

I love to shop.
To anyone who knows me, that fact is undisputed.

But when it comes to christmas time and buying presents for friends and family my brain goes into overdrive and short-circuits resulting in my shopping mojo dwindling into non-existence. I come down with an intense case of festive fever...

One thing I potentially love more than shopping (if their even is such a thing) is shopping for someone else, more specifically; (excuse the cheesy cliche) Fashion Makeovers! The second that shopping for someone else becomes a nesessity, I freak out.
My mind goes blank.
I loose all knowledge
just freak.
I mean, it can be so hard to find the right present, you have to; make sure you dont get something that someone else has already bought; that you dont spend less on them than they do on you; and that its something that they'll even like!

And if any of you are like me then I'm sure that you'd agree, when it comes to this time of the year you go into mental meltdown.

I've conjured a few tips to help you this festive season with only just over a week to go;

  • A cosy vintage jumper for your girlfriends..
  • La Sensa pjs for your mum (and theyre doing really quirky slippers there this year!)
  • Socks for your dad
  • Converse high-tops that your longing your boyfriend to wear but he just wont buy them
  • You know that dress that your sister ALWAYS hints that she loves whenever you wear? Buy it in a different colour 
  • and if all else fails a trip to Topshop's gift section will allow you to round off any present...
I hope I've managed to make the festive season a little more enjoyable (and I guess I really should learn to take my own advice.. For the love of Santa; I haven't even started looking yet!)

Much love;

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