Thursday, 16 December 2010

Glove It Up!

We are now hitting the dead of winter where fashion goes right out the window and the only thing your thinking is how many layers can you squeeze below your coat to retain as much heat as possible whilst braving the frozen winds of London.

People say that you loose heat through your head and feet so warm shoes and a hat, but everyone seems to forget your hands! Look after your hands in winter; (theyre one of the tell tale signs of aging.... (not that you need to think about that now, but you will!)) protect them! Glove it up!

In the past seasons we have seen the glove make a slight return, with the fingerless leather 'biker' gloves or the lace 'tea party' gloves. Now,  they are back in full force; granted it's more of the knitted mittens than elbow length leather gloves available on the high street but scour the vintage sites for the new take on gloves.

Heres a few of my favs;


Much love;

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