Thursday, 2 December 2010

I Have S'now Idea What To Wear.

I'm sure that many of you in the Essex region; who have been waking up each morning this week to see snow out there windows but then to find that your college or school have 'considered your education' and opened, were the definition of 'children at Christmas' to finally see enough snow to solicit a Snow Day.
- I know I definitely was!

But the question that often arises to like-minded people; is how, within the inevitable layers that you must surrender to, can you remain fashion savvy?!

Us mere mortals look at pictures of the likes of Victoria Beckham, taking her children ice skating, or Sarah Jessica Parker, pounding the streets of New York, without a matted strand of hair or a single patch of dampness on their clothings and wonder in why in all that is warm do you not look like a drowned rat?!
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick | Celebrities in the snow | Pictures | Now Magazine | Celebrity Gossip

How is it possible that they manage to not only be warm, but to have absolutely no resemblance to a waddling penguin?

If its not celebrities looking more like a snow angel than a grizzly bear, then its them breaking out their pampered beach bodies at the first glimpse of the summer sun while we're still harbouring our winter induced 'insulation'.

Whatever 'remedies' their taking, Santa; can i have two?!

Much love;

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