Monday, 6 December 2010

A McQueen Apocalypse..

On February 11th 2010 the fashion world mourned the death of acclaimed designer; Alexander McQueen . That day, as many of you will empathise with this, my world was shattered (sounds slightly extreme, but you must understand!)

In less than a decade one of Britain's finest artistic talents achieved world renowned status; shocking an already extroverted concept of fashion with his raw emotion intertwined in his collections. He altered the face of fashion making the 'builder bum' fashionable and turning 'Gothic' into a fashion statement.

He taught the fashion world to expect the unexpected.
He is now being honoured where he will be receiving the posthumous award; Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design, a prize that previously has recipients of the likes of; John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood.

"The Outstanding Achievement Award celebrates the exceptional talent of an individual who has contributed to the British fashion industry, both internationally and here in the UK, throughout their career," Harold Tillam explained. There was only one person we felt we could recognise with this award this year - Lee McQueen."

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