Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mission: London at Christmas Time... (Part 2)

Don't panic, I did manage to make it out of London alive (it was touch and go for a while)

I bet all my readers, that heard of the blanker of snow that smothered the whole of the London area to complete standstill yesterday, were glad they didn't take inspiration from yesterday's blog and venture into London also.

I stepped out of Topshop (Oxford Circus) where my eye were met with the sight of millions of frosted flakes floating gracefully, enticed by the effect of gravity, and with each drop, cloaking the streets of London and all the people walking its pavements-turned-ice-rink.

*I thought I'd take a stab at a little photography (and editing) but heres a few snaps of the snow infested Oxford Circus High Street....

I've never seen London so pretty; the effortless intertwining of the snowflakes as they fell upon the twinkling Christmas Lights decorating a typically industrial looking place.

Despite the snowfall making it nearly impossible to walk around inside any shop, as people poured into them as a ploy to escape the blizzard-like weather conditions, 'London at Christmas Time' wasn't as I expected. I rather enjoyed it as opposed to the dreaded human dodgeball scenario I had in my mind.

If you want to experience British Fashion at its most savage then venture into London around Christmas time but make sure you check the weather forecast so it doesn't take you 4 and a half hours to get home, a journey that would normally take 40 minutes!

Much love;

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