Friday, 17 December 2010

Mission: London at Christmas Time...

Good Morning bloggers....
Part 1
Let me give you a little insight to what my day will be like;
      Half of it spent queueing .
      Walking like sardines packed into a tin.
      Empty bank balance.

Yes, you guessed it - I'm going christmas shopping in London, Oxford Circus to be more precise.
'Are you out of your mind?!' - Is the first thing to enter your mind when you read that, was it not?

My response is that I quite possibly am.
Every year I've managed to have never experienced London shopping a week before Christmas, for the simple reason that I have avoided it like the plague, so I only have a well justifiable conception of what it is going to be like. This year, I'm making it my mission to experience the majestic 'London at Christmas Time' to prove that I am a hardcore shopper and to give any of my Fashionologist (!) an insight into this right of passage into British Fashion ....

I will post later on the this evening to let you know whether I'd survive my misson (or not)

Till Later;

Much love;

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