Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ruffle Ruffle's Got My Feathers In A Fruffle!

When I started this blog I wanted, if at all, to talk about designers only in passing. I wanted my blog to be relatable, not to conjure some fantasy inspired ideology about fashion that young girls like myself have no hope, let alone bank balance, to channel into our style. But I worked with this certain designer and I must deliver credit where credit is due; this is one talented women. So with slight animosity yet extreme uncontrollable desire, I introduce to you;

'Ruffle Ruffle'

London based designer brand, master minded by Jodie Ruffle, plays with unusual fabrics, intricate cuts and ornate shapes to create 'a uniquely feminine, sexy yet playful look.' 

The Autumn/Winter collection, available to buy on, takes inspirations from 'Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table' feminizing and softening the harsh impact of the amour styles within the lazer cut layered scalloping and chain inspired knits.

Be prepared for a pull of your heart strings when you see the intense juxtaposition between strong and soft embodied within each individual piece of the collection, and the kick in the stomach when your eyes fall upon the annoyingly justifiable prices...

*Prices range from £140 for the linked chain knitted scarf to £350 for the intricate scale effect body con dress with layered shoulder feature.

Sorry to torture you. Ever heard the phrase; 'window shopping' 
I think thats applicable right now.

Not that you need it, but you have Fashionologist's mark of approval; 
Much love;

P.S. Ruffle Ruffle Spring/Summer collection available in February

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