Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Temperley Tiger;

The green eyed monster reared its ugly head today as i browse through the pictures of the recent fashion parties on Vogues; People & Parties page. Whilst slowly dying inside with every click of my mouse, as i fantasise about joining Lily Donaldson and Cara Delevingne at the launch party of Diors new boutique on Bond Street, my eyes fell upon the striking image of Alice Temperley at the anniversary party of her Alice by Temperely line; looking so wrong its right!
Talk about growl power! Normally, i would immediately retort with a 'WAYYYY to much' but somehow, this works and im loving the boldness. You definitely werent going to be missed.... 

To add salt to injury; lets take a look at the guest list...
Yes! That is Ellie Goulding (and before i carry on, its probably best to warn you that im 'not her biggest fan' - is the best way to put it) with her arm around Daisy Lowe...
im really not understanding the latest 'trend' of allowing your underwear to show through your clothes, i mean i understand showing a little flesh, but dont you want to maintain a little mystery?!

Much love;

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