Monday, 13 December 2010

'Tis the season to be jolly....

Im sure you all have played witness to those 'cool' christmas jumpers that your uncle wears as a ploy to 'get down with the young'ns' ( as they say the 'lingo' is) but could you contemplate those questionable, yet I think quite cool, jumpers, with those animals wearing christmas hats or snowmen with pompom scarves, actually becoming fashionable?

Now Im impartial to a quirky vintage jumper, many of which peoples reactions (particularly my nan) range from that of; 'you look like you jumped out of an 80's sitcom' or my personal favourite; 'you look like a knitting machine spit up on you', and am all for a little christmas spirit in the wardrobe but Im not sure if even I could handle this becoming a trend..

Could you imagine?...

Thanks to Granny's Christmas jumpers, it's Britain's most colourful clan
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BUT. I have found a few less literal christmas jumpers to give you some ideas...

Quirky? Are they not?
My personal favourite;
Buying from the high street or even most vintage sites can be expensive so I say; asks grams to knit you one for a christmas present... Gets you a jumper for free and gives your little old nan something to do.

Much love;

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