Thursday, 23 December 2010

Ugly Betty's Evolution

I'm sure most of you fashion freaks, like me, watch every single fashion related programme there is available on TV and among the likes of Gossip Girl and E! Fashion Police, Ugly Betty is regarded very highly. Ugly Betty is one of my favourite programmes for the simple reason that she works in the exact industry that I want to, and I know that it is fictional, but its a representation of what the Glossys are like, all the way from Vogue to Elle and back to Cosmo, and I just love fantasizing about working there. AND - you have gotta give props to Patricia Fields for her clever styling of all the cast of Ugly Betty, my favourite being Amanda! - the transformation of Betty is inspired.

I was very excited to see the relocation of Betty to London but very sad for it to be the last ever episode of Ugly Betty! I loved seeing the transformation of Betty from her first day at Mode to her ensemble as she strutted the streets of London;

Betty really has given me the inspiration to go for what I want and she is the definition of style; having to conviction to wear what she wants, granted it doesn't always pay off - okay, hardly ever! but that doesn't stop her!

And, I genuinely believe that style comes from the individual and just because its not 'trendy' shouldnt stop you from wearing it!

Much love;

P.s. As its the Christmas season and all that and my family say I spend too much time on my blog, I've decided to take a break until the new year. So I will see you all on January 1st with a little fresh perspective, ready and raring to go for the fashion of 2011 - although, do check back occasionally in case I can't resist blogging about my fashion filled festivities...


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