Saturday, 31 December 2011

Ring In The New Year, with a Little Sparkle..

It's midnight.
The bells are ringing, the drinking are flowing and the new year hugs and kisses are all around...

New Years is the one night a year that the whole world comes together, each with the same hopes and dreams and resolutions in their heart; that the following year will be bigger and better than the last. And with the damaging effect that 2011 has had on many families, business, lives; I think the hope for 2012 is far greater than it has been in the many years before.

It's times like this; when change is on the horizon, when the chance to change, to grow, to become the people we want to be is upon us, that forces people to really think. Think about what's important. Family? Love? Money?

Money? Money is the backbone to everything, to life, and with increasing destructive effect of the economic crisis on many businesses this year, money is at the forefront of the Uk's mind. Being a typical Aquarian, I'm a little hippie at heart. I understand the necessity of money, for basic survival but with this year especially, I have really been awoken to the detrimental effect money has on people lives. Plaguing every thought.. And I don't think thats anyway to live. I know it's a little cliche, but money can't buy you happiness, its the love and support and community of people that is the foundations of an enriched life.

That's one thing that I cannot comprehend.. Working for something you don't believe in, or something you don't enjoy for the luxury of a little more money? You get one shot, one chance round and why would you want to spend that one, brief light of the candle in a life that doesn't make you happy?

Ironic? because I willingly spend my own time consumed in the world that is perceived to fueled by money, but what people tend to miss with the fashion industry is that it would be nothing without pure, uncontaminated creativity and passion. Its this passion that inspires me; the courage to follow their talent into something that makes them happy, for love nor money, and this brings me to the point of my extremely philosophical (sorry!) post upon this hour..

2012, as I'm sure you've all told yourself, is a new year and (although I do say, why wait to change tomorrow what you can change today) it's the perfect opportunity to become the person you want to be, the person you know deep down you are; enjoy and make the most of the time you have.
'His time, what a bankrupt idea, as if he's been given a box of time belonging to him alone, stuffed to the brim with hours and minutes that he can spend like money. Trouble is, the box has holes in it and the time is running out, no matter what he does.'   - Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake

Don't let 2012 pour through your finger, hold on to each minute and do it in style!

Much love; (for the last time of 2011)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dreaming of A White Christmas...


From Fashionologist to all my readers;  I'm wishing you a very merry Christmas... and Christmas is my favourite time of year; and all those who know me will confidently say that I am the biggest child when it comes to Christmas spirit! Christmas is the one holiday that brings people together and for me, that shows that, despite the conditions of the world we live in, there is still a little magic left!

Each and every one of us has been dreaming of a white christmas, as we do each year, and this year (although without snow) I've had my white christmas....

The whole 60's mod trend was a big look on the catwalk of this autumn season, with the entire highstreet jumping on the band wagon and flooding their stores with every interpretation of the shift dress that is imaginable. Great. This is a prime example of why Fashionologist has such animosity towards the copy-cats of the 21st century fashion industry - anyways.. its Christmas so I'll save that rant for another post! (Im really going to have to start this post, aren't I)

However. I have been inspired by this look. Not because it is everywhere and not because the designers have done it, but  because the stark contrast of black and white holds such a punch (and we all know that Fashionologist has absolutely no intention of 'blending in') And with this in mind, since like SEPTEMBER I have been on the search for the perfect white blazer -although I have come across a few, like this one from Mango at Asos, the constraints of my bank account have rendered me blazerless!

But to Fashionologist's joy; guess what I found under my christmas tree...

River Island, Asos, Topshop, Vintage (hat)
Thankyou River Island! (well Mother Franko for the present, but River Island for making just what I've been looking for!)
This blazer goes perfect (well, with anything but) with my snakeskin black trousers from Topshop, my new babies; Dalmation fur block heel boots and my vintage bowler hat. - a little edgy for a wholesome christmas with the family, but then again, do I ever really  dress for the occasion?

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Much love;

Friday, 23 December 2011

To Coat, or Not To Coat?

With all of these pre (and post) Christmas parties riddling each and everyone's diary this past week, I can say, for a fact, that each and every Fashionologist has been on the hunt for the perfect ensemble to dance their way through the infamous party season of 2011. From subtle and sultry black lace concoctions to the show-stopping sequin numbers, us Fashionologist's have been spoilt for choice, and, if your all as savvy as you say, at ridiculous prices that it's almost a steal!

One thing that I always struggle with when it comes to party season is that age old question of; do I wear a coat? The immediate answer that is one all of your lips right now is 'no'... and I would agree. But I think a post-hangover/make-up-cloak from last night's party is unfortunate enough, without throwing the onslaught of winter's weapons into the mix. So... to coat or not to coat?

Although you can take it off when you get there, its all about the arrival and no one's floor will be a sea of mouth if you've got your trusty old coat over you shoulders, or your arm for the matter. So then I considered a shrug, or cape jacket that can still look elegant but they are bulky things and unless you trust your fellow party go-ers enough to not pinch your black, long-line dinner cape on their alcohol goggled departure (by accident, of course) or give your vintage (faux!) mink fur caplet an mid-evening beverage, then that option is off the table...

BUT, whilst perusing my new favourite little website; I came across this little gem!

Im wearing a crochet black long sleeved shrug from Christmas Sale over the lace top skater dress from Jones and Jones wrapped with a bow belt and my black skyscrapers!

As cute as this shrug from is, any knitwear creation (within reason) will work this christmas.. see, it doesn't have to all be about glitter and sequins this christmas.. brave enough to break the rules?

Much love;

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Breathing Fire with Fashion

This cult classic has not only taken hold of the literary world with both hands, and most recently the theatrical world, with the latest film adaptation, but they've hit the trifecta as the fashion world has also gone crazy for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

H&M Dragon Tattoo collection is the product of the films costume designer, Trish Summerville, and takes an almost post-apocalyptic approach with the collection of grungy biker jackets, leather-look trousers and beaten and battered tee's. This urban, edgy collection, inspired by the character Lisbeth Salander, is a very different look to come from H&M's most recent collaborations and, although the style is quite universal and can be flattering for a wide market; Fashionologist is kind of feeling this look has been done to death.. hello? Last year's grunge/rocker trend, or just AllSaints as a whole, for that matter!

Fashionologist has much love for H&M's collaborations, and would happily spend my time camping outside their shops to get my hands it if I wasn't consumed by the magnitude of work I have to do before my exams in May. However, I'm not entirely sure if this one sits right with me... Lisbeth Salander is a character, a women that has suffered abuse her entire life and her clothes almost become a symbol of protection, her armor. And - this could possibly be thinking too much into it - but something about adding a glossy coating, glamourizing, an intense representation of sexual violence, doesn't seem right. Natalie Karneff, a rape survivor, has claimed that   H&M are saying, with this collection; “’Look at the trendy rape survivor? Look how strong she is, that she can get through all that hell and still wear cool leather jackets?’”

At the end of the day, they're clothes and I'm sure there was no intention of glamourizing a figure, who's strength has inspired many women, but you don't see me creating a fashion line based on the clothes/style of a character from Schindler's List...

Much love;

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dance Oxford's, Dance!

I am a self professed heel-a-holic.

A pair of heel can transform any outfit from day to night or from simple to down-right show stopping (with the right pair of course) and they're a short girls greatest ally for creating those 6ft pins! And as much as comfort can be considered when I'm getting dressed in the morning; flats are rarely a contender.

And to my dismay, this attitude almost made me completely miss the discovery of this up-and-coming footwear designer; Nina Payne

Founder, Gabriella Hiatt has propelled the designer collection, Nine Payne, back in time, with the mix of historical inspiration and her own experiences as a dancer to create a collection that encompasses not only fashion, but practicality too? Who'd have thought that fashion can actually be practical?

The latest premium collection to come out of Nina Payne this year is The Oxford; 'Taking cues from the jazz dance masters, they are designed to mold to your feet with cushioned insoles and a silhouette that provides optimal arch support.'

The oxford shoe is the vintage girl's staple, that and a granny jumper, and although I do own my fair share of vintage; beaten; tired brogues, they have recently taken camp at the back of my wardrobe as I have literally gone heel-crazy. And, in the spirit of true fashion addiction, when I have a few pairs that will do the same job.. I can't wait to get my hands of a pair of Nina Payne's latest addition to her attack of the flats collections; 'Made In The USA Oxfords'

I like the modern twist this collection has put on an old classic and this allows for a more controversial styling, instead of the characteristic booby socks, vintage dress and oversized cardigan. The chianti coloured Dunham Perforated Oxfords would look quirky styled with Henry Holland star printed tights; a black high-waisted skirt layered over petticoats and band's tour t-shirt.

Who'd have thought this heel-a-holic would be itching to get her hands on a pair of flats? Oh how we grow...

Much love;

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Alice Takes A Trip...

Well FaceFashionologist certainly knows what taking first place on her christmas list this year... and after this post Im sure you'll all be going mad for Alice Takes A Trip...

And just as Alice has taken me on a trip, I'm going to take you on my journey to discovery... being a self-professed anti-online shopper, I have literally undergone a complete metamorphosis since my discover of and have gone online-mad.. and during my web-induced coma I clicked upon this amazing little discovery  - and just in time for christmas!

Established since 2006, this independent boutique is the definition of quirky and the fact that they 'take in pride in that everything is hand made or hand finished in our studio in Sheffield, making Alice takes a trip that extra bit special...' really does give them a hold on the market that the high street just doesn't have... Originality, personality and down-right 'coolness' to be honest..

Alice Takes A Trip has literally taken hold of my heart this christmas and I'll be more than happy to admit that I think I've developed a little fashion crush on the two sister/founders of the label. For me, it's in the combination of the vintage heritage style with the absolute guilty pleasure of the 80's that gives Fashionologist a little excitement again! As you all know, from my multitude of posts, about my growing depression with the state of fashion today, but I don't think I've been this excited by the raw talent and passion of a label since probably RuffleRuffle!

 Maybe it's the archaic twist on the traditional fairytale of Alice In Wonderland oor maybe it's 'couldn't care less' attitude of the models that fuels my excitement? Alice Takes a Trip is propelling us back in time when fashion was fun.. and I think thats just what the doctor order!

You can find them on Asos Marketplace if you can't resist their passion and freedom just as much as me!

Much love;

Monday, 5 December 2011


'Fashion Week' is the time of the season for everyone who's anyone in the Fashion industry from the designers presenting their collections; the models who's careers are being fueled through walking for these collections; the magazines or blogs or television shows that report on the collections and the Fashionologist's that are inspired by the fashions... All in all; Fashion Week is the pinnacle of every season.

As the invention of online shopping has literally taken over the retail side of the industry (with more and more people opening web boutique instead of high street stores) I guess it makes sense to propel Fashion week into the 21st century. Pioneered by Vogue; today, Monday 5th December, marks the launch and first day of Online Fashion Week (OWL - for short)

What exactly is 'Online Fashion Week'? I hear you ask...

It is the collaboration of all things designer, high street and boutique to raise money for their chosen charities through 'offering special online events, prizes, discounts or free gifts – and with every single purchase you’ll be helping a charity of your choice.' - Vogue 

I think this is a great way to get the public out there (well online) shopping again; the recession has hit the economy astronomically this year with not only the public reducing their spending but the high street playing it so safe that the true style and inspiration of Great British Fashion has literally been drained from the high street and much like the rest of you I'm sure.. Fashionologist is not happy! With the creation of Online Fashion Week, hopefully the Fashionologist's will be encourages to spend those pennies and grab the bargains to be the perfect Ms Claus this christmas and at the very same time; your doing your bit for charity without even thinking about it. Win Win, I'd say!

Follow Vogue: Online Fashion Week for the latest updates, competition details and flash sales to stretch your pound this christmas.

Much love;

The Great British Winter

I think we have finally got our winter.. and with the sub-zero temperatures plaguing our morning and Monday morning bed just that little bit more inviting - and as the temperatures drop below light-jacket barability; its time to break the big guns...

The Autumn/Winter seasons are always Fashionologist's favourites because my god do the British know how to rock their winter wardrobe. As you all know, Fashionologist holds a little distain towards summer because as far as 'fashion' goes its floral floral floral. But the turning colours of the leaves brings with it a multitude of fashionologic inspirations - layers of quirky printed or gigantic mohair jumpers; thick patterned wrap cardigans; knitted scarves or snoods of any colour imaginable and the toasty fur-lined boots that is the perfect British way to tackle ol' Jack Frost..

But when it comes to the dead of winter (and this winter it's began a lot later than usual - result!) those layers of autumn style have no effect as they are instantly drowned by the massive wool coats that have to be worn if we are to stand any chance of staying defrosted this winter.. and all the winspiration becomes redundant. Fashionologist has always been a little impartial to a fur coat during the winter months because you can still retain the instant glamour and style during winter whilst feeling like a big in rug! The only downside is that a fur winter warmer holds a hefty price tag...

Even if you venture out of the comfortability of online or high street shopping to try and find a bargain; being engaged in the epic Ebay wars bidding on that perfect coat, you can easily be caught up in the excitement and spend a lot more than you were intended to..

Here's a few FaceFashionology tips on how to do fur this year;

1. Vintage websites...
You may be a little surprised to hear this but there are many vintage sites out there (somewhere in the abis) that sell vintage or second hand garments for reasonable prices...
this beautiful fur coat is only £40 from
2. Ebay..
Although I did just say Ebay can be a little dangerous, if you set yourself a price limit and maybe get a friend to bid for you then you may not be blinded by your love and break the bank! However, a vintage fur coat will hold its value a lot more than a high street version! 

Fashionologist suggests to use the individual auctions because your more likely to find a bargain than if you look at the well-known ebay seller stores

3. Charity Shops..
Some people can find these really off putting but if you've got a little time  to spare and aren't afraid to rummage then you'll find some serious bargains in your local charity shops and even take a venture into London; you'll be able to get your hands on a good winter coat for a fraction of the high street price.

4. Fur accessories..
If you're still struggling to find the perfect (priced) coat for you this winter then you can completely revamp last years coats with a little fur trim. You can buy fur collars from all over the high street at varying prices but they are the perfect way to bring last years coat into this season.
Luxurious oversized fur lapel collar - £25 Asos
Cute dalmation peter pan collar - £11 Asos
Villa Amour Fur Scarf - £8.99
5. High Street
Don't be afraid to scour the high street! And with the invention of online shopping you can do it from the warmth and comfort of your own home.. Shop around and keep an eye out for promotional offers but remember they are just that; Promotional and wont last forever so be sure to snap it up if you find the one you like!

£40 -

£85 - Miss Real 
(they were doing a 30% promotion last year, but I just missed it!)
was £98, now £68 - Topshop
(Topshop are doing £30 many winter coats, much like River Island)

However you do it this season; add a little fur into your winter warmer for the perfect way to stay warm and stylish... and they say that fashion isn't practical!

Much love;

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Vamp

Well, Fashionologist... Its officially December and you know what that means; an endless blur of drunken nights,  tinsel dances and mistletoe kisses (we hope)... oh isn't life so hard.

With the immensity of Christmas Parties (or parties, for party's sake.. which are the best kind) on coming, the immensity of finding the 'perfect' christmas outfits, plural, can start to take its toll.. on our bank accounts I mean.

Every December issue of every fashion magazine has given their best of the best and what to buy this christmas and I must admit I'm loving the sparkle that has rendered the high street a little star struck this season;

 Topshop; Urban Outfitters; Asos Revive; River Island

However much I'm loving the real disco glamour trend for this christmas, I always find that I return to my old and faithful touch of lace to add instant mysterious glamour to this festive season. And Fashionologist is literally in love with this Jones and Jones dress;
But at a price tag of £60, who can afford one of these for every party?

For me, it's a little bit of black lace, that can transform any outfit into an understated party number, that I'll be wearing this christmas and what's more.. it so easy to take last years LBD and completely revamp for a quarter of the price...

 I've layered a long-sleeved lace top from  over my 2 year old All Saint's hitch-up dress (remember that one girls?) that I dug from the back of my wardrobe and accessorised with a vintage jewelled  metal statement necklace and killer heels. Fashionologist has completely restyled an old classic for under £26...

See, you can do this Christmas season in style on a budget!

Much love;