Friday, 28 January 2011

You'll Never be 'Never Fully Dressed' With This One.

I must admit, when I first heard about the creation of Asos Marketplace, I was a little skeptical, I mean - all I thought was its another way to drown and already flooded 'market' with yet more 'vintage boutiques' and 'affordable' labels and thus creating even more 'quirky' fashion zombies who think they look different when in fact they look like everyone one, looking 'different'.
My first impression = steer clear...

Now I dont know what but an entity of some form must have entered my body in order to possess me to, whilst drooling over the amazing footwear creations of Opening Ceremony Chantal, click onto the Asos Marketplace and have look - but nevertheless it did.
Dearest Ghost Guru; I thank you...

For you have forced my eyes apon the site where I found an amazing little -  and I use 'little' loosely as they have had the likes of Fearne Cotton and Stacey Solomon endorse their label - boutique label;

Never Fully Dressed
'sprinkle fashion glitter upon your dressing up box.'
and inject your wardrobe with one of their crystal clear lined, on-trend coloured, casual feminine, flattering silhouetted dresses. This elegant styled portobello and Spitalfields based label understands you girls 'don't want your new frock to be worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry' and combat this with their understated locations.

I know, your fashion savvy eyes are longing to experience the style I'm talking about - ready to judge their collection, MY fashion sense but most importantly ready to judge your own....

NOW; your finding space in your wardrobe; am I right?
I certainly was... 

Their elegant, Chloe circa 2011 inspired, designs capture the innocence of fashion  - allowing your inner 'fairy' to take flight through the soft pale chiffons and whimsical embellishments.

Come float away with me

Much love;


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bite Me?

First and foremost I would like express my apologies for being AWOL for the past couple of weeks - my studies have literally taken over my life and any momentary seconds that I manage to squeeze out of my hectic schedule, so to speak, have subsequently been taken over by human weakness in the form of the need of sleep.

And thus, baring in mind the fact that I have spent the last two weeks, since returning to sixth form, in a sleep deprivation-al induced coma - yes, I have been baring an almost too realistic resemblance to the artistic interpretations of Jonathan Zawada of McQueen and McCartney's spring collections, 

I have succumb to the almost obsessional desire of the nation to be a Vampire....

And before you click the ( x ) button that I know your mouse is hovering over - because thats exactly where my mouse would be right now - its not because I have an irrational notion that Robert Pattinson will therefore marry me (although he is quite hot!) 

Can imagine what you could achieve without having to fall into a self-induced coma each night? - I mean, Im only 16 and I find there's never enough hours in the day and there are a lot of restriction imposed on me due to my age. So, I have no idea what Im going to be like when Im older and I can pretty much do whatever my whimsical and slightly odd, I might add, mind will take me.

So, any vampires out there... Bite me?

Then, I'd have an excuse to parade around, or better yet - skulk through the shadows in the black and red glittered floor length gown by Alexander McQueen in Autumn '09 without anyone having the opportunity to make judgment.
But wait - isn't that what fashion is about?

Well either way, its win win for me...
I can do everything that I want to do - right now AND channel my inner gothic goddess

Vamps; Call me.

Much love;


Monday, 10 January 2011

Jump in the Deep End;

Lets brighten your monday morning with a little dip in the sea.. sea of blue that is.
The spring/summer catwalks were littered with colbalt blue jumpsuits at Mulberry, pastel blue chiffon gowns at MatthewWilliamson and Christian Dior , powder blue tapered trousers at Celine and even a bright blue complete trouser suit at Akris.
Rippling silks and slippery satins, drenched in oceanic hues, flowed throughout the collections.
Blue is the go-to shade to brighten monday morning, rain induced, blues (pun intended).

If your brave enough to go all out then make like Mulberry and revamp the jumpsuit trend of last year or if I were to go blue I'd mix and match different shades of blue like in this skirt and top combo;

 If you want to go subtle, then accents of blue through your jewellery or shoes (well accessories in general) is the way to go;

Try adding these blue below knee socks to add a twist to a traditional preppy look.
Unleash your inner fortune teller with this ornate, wicka inspired ring.

Come on girls, be brave; be blue.

Much love;

Credits: Topshop

Thursday, 6 January 2011

I Think I've Gone Crimp-Crazyyyy....

In December last year, I did a photo shoot with Hollie Carlin on the ground where Wild Child was filmed in the amazing black floor length, fish tailed evening gown by RuffleRuffle;
and I got so inspired by what the hair stylist did with my hair, Laura Lyons, that I couldn't resist asking Santa for a pair of crimpers for Christmas and oh yes, the big guy did pull through...

And yes I do know what your thinking - and yes. Yes, I have quite possibly gone mad but in the (slightly adapted) words of Timberlake; 'I'm bringing crimp-crazy back'!

Although I love my hair in those photographs, can you imagine the looks I'd get walking down Chelmsford high street?! Now, Im all for making a statement with fashion but 'Yes, I did loose a fight to a plug socket' isn't what I really want to be saying to Chelmsford! So, heres a few tips on how to translate crimp into everyday wearability...

Crimp at the roots to add volume;
Plait your hair for a messy curly look and crimp sections of hair throughout to add texture to the style;
Crimp sections and then tousell into a side plait to add texture to the plait

If you have any ideas on how to make crimp wearable then please comment,,

Much love;

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New You....

So I've had a few days off to discard all use of brain power and just utterly enjoy the festivities of my favourite time of the year and I hope all my readers have as well! Now I'm back with full force and a new take on my blog.

The first month (and a bit) has really been about finding my feet, my niche, my style of writing and so it has been a little bitty in places and in my opinion (no intension of sounding big-headed but-) not really fully reflective of my ability to write and make something out of nothing, especially when it comes to fashion.

This year I want my blog to be about the raw, untapped side of fashion. Looking at the ideas that have rarely been explored before and blogging the hell of out them! Last year, I was writing about the high street and high street fashion but I want to write more about the science of fashion, the concoction, the creation of style and  through this; I am going to talk about my style; how I concoct my ensembles (with pictures, of course!)

As I've said in previous blog posts, I never intended to write about designer fashion because it's awful hypocritical of me to tell you you need to buy the latest creation from the new creative team at Alexander McQueen when I have no intention, let alone the bank balance, to buy it myself. But I think 'Fashion' wouldn't be nothing without its designers, being iconic or up-and-coming, and their collections to personify their brian waves and its utterly ridiculous of me to even contemplate being able to stay away from this. Therefore, I want to explore ways in which the young, bank balance challenges and creative can translate said creations into their own style; be it high street finds, vintage bargains or channeling the inner seamstress within you  - this is how I'm going to blog about fashion.

I also want to make it more personal - it's all well and good to tell you about the latest trends but you can read about them in almost every fashion blog, magazine and TV show there is, so this may not appeal to you all but I want to create something different. With my revamped opinion on fashion and my experiences within the fashion industry; through my parents business and the doors that that has and will open and my recent experience in the modelling side of fashion, Face Fashionology will be changed as you know it (thats a good thing!)

With this major alteration and my wanting to write a lot deeper and better, I will no longer have daily blog post as I wont be able to sustain that, due to college blah blah blah, but so you all know when I have posted, i will share it on Twitter so feel free to follow me (@LBFranklin) to keep up to date.

Sorry to have rattled on for 6 paragraphs and I hope you enjoy the overhaul to Face Fashionology

Much love;