Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bite Me?

First and foremost I would like express my apologies for being AWOL for the past couple of weeks - my studies have literally taken over my life and any momentary seconds that I manage to squeeze out of my hectic schedule, so to speak, have subsequently been taken over by human weakness in the form of the need of sleep.

And thus, baring in mind the fact that I have spent the last two weeks, since returning to sixth form, in a sleep deprivation-al induced coma - yes, I have been baring an almost too realistic resemblance to the artistic interpretations of Jonathan Zawada of McQueen and McCartney's spring collections, 

I have succumb to the almost obsessional desire of the nation to be a Vampire....

And before you click the ( x ) button that I know your mouse is hovering over - because thats exactly where my mouse would be right now - its not because I have an irrational notion that Robert Pattinson will therefore marry me (although he is quite hot!) 

Can imagine what you could achieve without having to fall into a self-induced coma each night? - I mean, Im only 16 and I find there's never enough hours in the day and there are a lot of restriction imposed on me due to my age. So, I have no idea what Im going to be like when Im older and I can pretty much do whatever my whimsical and slightly odd, I might add, mind will take me.

So, any vampires out there... Bite me?

Then, I'd have an excuse to parade around, or better yet - skulk through the shadows in the black and red glittered floor length gown by Alexander McQueen in Autumn '09 without anyone having the opportunity to make judgment.
But wait - isn't that what fashion is about?

Well either way, its win win for me...
I can do everything that I want to do - right now AND channel my inner gothic goddess

Vamps; Call me.

Much love;


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