Thursday, 6 January 2011

I Think I've Gone Crimp-Crazyyyy....

In December last year, I did a photo shoot with Hollie Carlin on the ground where Wild Child was filmed in the amazing black floor length, fish tailed evening gown by RuffleRuffle;
and I got so inspired by what the hair stylist did with my hair, Laura Lyons, that I couldn't resist asking Santa for a pair of crimpers for Christmas and oh yes, the big guy did pull through...

And yes I do know what your thinking - and yes. Yes, I have quite possibly gone mad but in the (slightly adapted) words of Timberlake; 'I'm bringing crimp-crazy back'!

Although I love my hair in those photographs, can you imagine the looks I'd get walking down Chelmsford high street?! Now, Im all for making a statement with fashion but 'Yes, I did loose a fight to a plug socket' isn't what I really want to be saying to Chelmsford! So, heres a few tips on how to translate crimp into everyday wearability...

Crimp at the roots to add volume;
Plait your hair for a messy curly look and crimp sections of hair throughout to add texture to the style;
Crimp sections and then tousell into a side plait to add texture to the plait

If you have any ideas on how to make crimp wearable then please comment,,

Much love;

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