Friday, 28 January 2011

You'll Never be 'Never Fully Dressed' With This One.

I must admit, when I first heard about the creation of Asos Marketplace, I was a little skeptical, I mean - all I thought was its another way to drown and already flooded 'market' with yet more 'vintage boutiques' and 'affordable' labels and thus creating even more 'quirky' fashion zombies who think they look different when in fact they look like everyone one, looking 'different'.
My first impression = steer clear...

Now I dont know what but an entity of some form must have entered my body in order to possess me to, whilst drooling over the amazing footwear creations of Opening Ceremony Chantal, click onto the Asos Marketplace and have look - but nevertheless it did.
Dearest Ghost Guru; I thank you...

For you have forced my eyes apon the site where I found an amazing little -  and I use 'little' loosely as they have had the likes of Fearne Cotton and Stacey Solomon endorse their label - boutique label;

Never Fully Dressed
'sprinkle fashion glitter upon your dressing up box.'
and inject your wardrobe with one of their crystal clear lined, on-trend coloured, casual feminine, flattering silhouetted dresses. This elegant styled portobello and Spitalfields based label understands you girls 'don't want your new frock to be worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry' and combat this with their understated locations.

I know, your fashion savvy eyes are longing to experience the style I'm talking about - ready to judge their collection, MY fashion sense but most importantly ready to judge your own....

NOW; your finding space in your wardrobe; am I right?
I certainly was... 

Their elegant, Chloe circa 2011 inspired, designs capture the innocence of fashion  - allowing your inner 'fairy' to take flight through the soft pale chiffons and whimsical embellishments.

Come float away with me

Much love;


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