Friday, 11 March 2011

Paris Ain't Got Nothin' On The Chinese,,,

Im sorry but any girl who can take an embellished glittered camisole, gifted by Elie Saab I might add, and transform it into this 1920's inspired headdress is, by far, heads above the rest of us.
The second I heard the words uttered that the glittering turban, ever so elegantly accentuating the timelessness of her ensemble, had actually spent its backstage life as a camisole, I knew there was something about this women.

And boy was I not wrong..

As if she wasn't blinding enough in blush pink, of which she definitely upstaged J-Lo (Sorry, but true!), she just kept on sucker-punching the fashion world with each ensemble she paraded at Paris Fashion Week;

Coined the Chinese's answer to Monica Belluci, her timeless devotion to the true eras of fashion was perfectly executed with not even a hair out of place!

As timeless as she looks, which is probably to do with the fact that time was an endless resource in the sculpting of her style, I must say I prefer the more 'just thrown-on' looks of Blake Lively and Kate Moss. Their effortlessness just makes Bingbing look like she's playing murder mystery

Although, this could be due to the fact that I have neither the time nor the money to put that much effort into my wardrobe choices and Id be lying if I said I wouldn't if I did...

Much love;

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