Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Blogger's Back!

Guess whose back?!

Well - Me... Obviously.

For my first post in what seems like forever - when in fact its only a couple of months- I want to take you on a journey....
In a last minute attempt for my parents to get some well deserved relaxation, we have embarked on a little 'road trip' (as my dad so 'hipply' said) down to the exhilarating, enlivening and exciting environment of - Cornwall - not exactly what I was hoping for (as I'm sure you can tell)

Now, don't get me wrong Cornwall is a beautiful backdrop of Natures pure talent but I was envisioning a little glamour - an opportunity to break out all the vintage party frocks I collected over the christmas season - NOT having to dig out my (Not even Hunter) wellies from the strategically placed position at the Very back of my wardrobe.

Well regardless of my wants; last Saturday morning bore the beginnings of the laborious 4 hour expedition into the last week of my life. And this brings me to about 3 hours ago....

Driving through the country roads of Cornwall on the way back from another little town that the random detours revealed to us, I had no control of my mind and it wandered.. and I'm not talking the typical half hour daydream that often embark on - this was a 2 hour car journey...

It must have been a combination of the cool breeze intermittently relieving me from the radiation of the sun, the    pure postcard horizon captivating my senses and the complete numbness of relaxation that I was feeling that gave me my inspiration back.

The reason I have blogged in an aweful long time is due to the fact that I wasnt really feeling what I was writing anymore - I wasnt enjoying it. But in the beauty of difference; I found my confidence again.

I found my words.

Much love;

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