Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Converse Convention;

I said to myself, when Converse was more of a past icon than wardrobe staple, that I would never reduce to wearing a pair of trainers as a fashion statement; especially when every other foot you see is clothed by those simplistic, retro trainers.

But, and Im sure you know where Im going with this... whilst on a casual sunday evening, waiting for my escalating mountain of work to cease procrastinating and do themselves, I began flicking through the issue that I expertly pulled from the bottom of ever growing pile of magazines on my bedside table ( although, I must admit, I was dumfounded that I didn't see the mountain plummet to my floor - I felt like Steve Spangler!)

an ASOS magazine... an old ASOS magazine for that matter was the catalyst of my conversion; well Olivia Palermo to be precise.

Now I know, she's the girl that everyone loves to hate but you cannot deny that she has effortless style and whether she styled her ASOS spread or not (and I do highly doubt it) she's has shown me that in fact Converse can be more of a statement than; I so different that I look like everyone else... that they can actually look really cool!

So yes.. I have spent my evening scouring for the perfect pair to suit my wardrobe and well, remaining true to my inspiration have purchased a pair of those essentials, just prior to this post.

My final words being; Hi I'm Fashionologist and Im a Converse-aholic.

Much love,

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