Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ruh Roh Cheryl...

I was casually just opening my browser - to begin my psychology revision of course.. (not to embark on my search for the perfect summer wedges) and I was stopped dead in my tracks. (And- before I continue, its not my fault that my revision couldn't get done... this just HAD to be blogged!)

Guess who was gracing the cover of my yahoo homepage news... none other than Shaggy from Scooby-doo?       


Thats Cheryl Cole?! 

Since when did she start taking style advice from a cartoon!

Now, I know that everyone 'poking fun' at her bouffant (props to Simon) but I was more concerned with the explosion of clashing (and not in a good way) colour that even Shaggy can't pull off! And- thats his style! 

love colour blocking because it gives you the complete freedom to break all the rules and just have FUN again. I love it to the extent that... I even bought a red umbrella so I can colour-block in the rain! But theres a limit to colour blocking (contradictory, I know) but the colours have to clash in a way that they almost don't anymore and this just does not work.. well in my opinon. And if the mis-match of mis-matching colour isnt bad enough.. I have no idea how she managed to walk and not stumble into the audition with the length of those trousers!

Thats MUCH better...

Weve all seen how much of an influential style icon Cole has become over the past year.. lets just hope that people don't do a Cheryl and start dressing like their favourite cartoon characters;

Much love;

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