Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hi.. I'm an Orange-a-holic


The immediate connotations of this word are typically that of spray tans; umpa lumpas and well kinda of all things chavy (no offense)
And when I say I have developed an unhealthy addiction with orange (and I say unhealthy because I even search 'Orange' when online), Im not saying that I've joined the spray wagon (unfortunately, although I would love to see how I would look all Essex'd) I mean that everything I want to buy is orange.. even down to socks and underwear.

I couldnt actually tell you where my sudden obsession for all things orange has come from.. (although thinking about it, it could have something to do with the fact that Im in the process of swapping my daily diet coke intake with a significantly reduced amount of Fanta.. if that is true then I really need help!) but this past two weeks I could literally rival a bumble bee with how attracted to anything orange I have become...

I've even resorted to saying... 'I wonder if it comes in orange'

Although a little worrying at how my wardrobe is slowly resembling that of an umpa lumpa, I cant say I've picked a bad colour to be obsessed with this season.

So in spirit of my new found fixation, I give you a few tips to joining my orange-ansformation;
Topshop £25

Topshop £22

Topshop £25

Topshop £20

Zara £25.99

Kurt Geiger £129 (Sorry)

Aqua for Asos £130
Much love;

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