Saturday, 18 June 2011

When 60's Beats Up 70's

Day: Saturday 18th
Where: Chelmsford High Street
Style: 'When 60's beats up 70's'

Now, Im sure you're all probably rather confused at this point.. by the 'Look Count' nonetheless. But let me explain;
For about the last two years my younger sister has ice skating lessons every Saturday morning in Chelmsford and therefore every Saturday morning we go to Chelmsford. Every. Saturday. Morning. And it got to the point where it was becoming at lot of hassle for Mother Franko to go Chelmsford and then off to another destination for a spot of light shopping and so Chelmsford became our shopping destination... and thus the Saturday Routine was born.

Don't get me wrong, Chelmsford is a good little shopping area; its got the usual high street favourites with a few little 'boutiques' if you ever venture off course but there's no life, there's no inspiration (no offense Chelmsfordians) - and put it this way... I got bored.

So, in true Fashionologist style I play a game... '

The Rules of the game, you ask?
Simple. The 'different' you dress, the more looks you'll get. And, each week I compete against myself to see which outfits get the most looks.

Im not sad enough to actually count how many looks I get, but its just the look in the 'humdrum Chelmsfordian's' eyes that gets me!

And this brings me back to today;
And today I was feeling rather 'experimentative' to say the least.. so upon my rude awakening, I hauled my (slight hungover) self out of the embrace of my bed and began to play...

Now I must admit a percentage of the 'looks' came from the fact that I was dressed for the heights of Summer and Chelmsford was currently being smothered by a blanket of rain, whilst the sun was engulfed by the hands of darkness but in my defense, the sun was very much alive this morning when I was getting dressed and how am I meant to know that the Sun was going to be tyrannized by yet another rain storm?! 
Oh. Wait. It's England.
But nevertheless, I was hopeful this morning.

Despite the weather change, I take pride in the record breaking gawks that I got today because this one's a doozy;
        Orange melton 'dungarees'ed  maxi skirt. Vintage
        White shirt. Asos, Mens
        Black polka dot ankle socks. Topshop
        White mary-jane court heels. Topshop
And, to add the cherry to the cake (literally)
       Pillarbox red floppy hat. Vintage.

Sorry to blow my own trumpet but I think even in the depth of true London style that outfit would grab a few eyes.

The moral; Fashionologist's make everywhere your chelmsford.. and count those looks!

Much love;

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