Tuesday, 26 July 2011

So What, If It's Not Sunny.

Oh dear fashion gods, how can we be expected to adhere to wearing our berry maxi skirt and orange floppy hat combo with the risk of them turning into a parachute and aiding our take off with the harsh, unrelenting winds? Or embracing our inner Biba with our white 60's shift dress with the looming clouds threatening to reveal all our innocence with their waterbomb's poised and ready to explode.

Im sure I speak for all British-kind when I say; I just love our summer (with heavy sarcasm riddled in my words)...

And, much like you, I'm struggling to deal with the concept of digging out my (only just) archived boots and jumpers instead of wearing the miscellany of summer bright wedges; pleated chiffon skirts; quirky printed playsuits and my infamous collection of retro and vintage hats.

I guess you know that Summer really insnt going to climax when it's not even August and your seeing Autumn preview collections littering the highstreet stores. (Collections, of which, I cannot wait to weave into my attire (as it is the Autumn season that really gives you the liscence to play with more layers, more fabrics, more shapes than any other season)) But I refuse to blog about the move on of Spring's 70's trend or the array of retro knits plaguing my anticipated wardrobe, as this would only be admitting defeat.

So come on you Miss England's (in the words of Luella Bartley, A Guide To English Style) fight the urge to throw on that very inviting aztec printed cashmere knit or those old faithful brown leather riding boots. Pay an hommage to the failing sun by wearing those ridiculously short, bright orange shorts with that The Who tour t-shirt, you stole from your boyfriend, despite the howling winds cloaking this god forsaken country.

Like it's always been said, fashion is all about making a statement and its about time that we let that statement say;
I don't give a F*ck if it's raining.. It's 'Summer' and I'm going to bloody well dress like it.

Much love;

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