Saturday, 30 July 2011

Today I'm Wearing...

This morning's sun tearing through my curtains brought, along with a rude awakening, a rush of inspiration; transforming my wardrobe from its (personally attributed) mundane similarity into a fusion of time and it wasn't long before that 'fusion' graced the floor of my bedroom as I set out to concoct the perfect outfit to represent me; well the 'me' I wanted to be today.

(When I say 'me' - please don't take that as me proclaiming my mental insanity, Im simply refering to the character I feel of that day.)

This 'me' that I woke up with was someone of a more mature mentality, inspired by my new favourite accessory;
Yes, they do possess a close similarity to the glasses that my nan wears; but if you think about it.. 'Nans' always have such distinctive styles and granted sometimes they encompass the definition of 'frump' but 'frump' isnt always frumpy. And with this is mind...

Much love;

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