Monday, 22 August 2011


Can you smell it?

The faint smell of stale bear and the stench of the 110,000 unbathed bodies clambering in all directions from the epicenter of pop culture this weekend. That's right. It's the morning after the weekend before.. 'V' weekend to be precise.

And yes, I can truly say that I am one of maybe 300 people that can definitively say; I was at the barriers from Eminem's return to UK stage! Although my usual music taste is more reflective of the Reading line-up than the pop princes/princesses of the V Stages, I did walked the same fields as the other 109,999 people just to feed my guilty pleasure,  all waiting to see the infamous return of Hip Hop Legend..

Whilst waiting for him to take his rightful place in the centre of the main stage, I wondered the fields searching for the next inspirational goldmine..

A pool of fashion ingenious that took residence in one of my friends in fact;

Here, Miss Danielle displays the correct way to wear the crop top without looking like you should be a streetwalker.. I do like the little daisy touch to the skirt But it's the boater hat that does it for me. You all know Im impartial to a little hat-age!
With festival style being the topic of discussion around this time.. I must admit I wasn't void of the panic ensuing a V weekend neared and I had not one inclination of what I could wear But with a little help of the fashion Gods I came up with the ensemble;
For me, adding a little headgear can make any outfit. Dont you agree Miss Danielle?

However, the true fashion inspiration for me this weekend came from the stage and not its spectators.. and my  FaceFashionology's star award must go to K T Tunstall. I mean, I was more than just a little Starstuck..
And this leads me to my morning.. in search of the perfect pair of tights to sparkle any darkened sky...
New Look £4.99
House Of Holland £14.99
Topshop £10
 Where's your pair?

Much love;

Friday, 12 August 2011

Winehouse Takes The Streets...

Taking to the streets on Englands fashion capital, I was looking for a little inspiration - for nothing in particular - just a little inspiration. As this was during my lunch break from my week at  Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office., I could only venture as far as Oxford Cirucs and within the first few minutes I was slowly coming to the realization that although Oxford Circus is the epicentre of 'London Fashion' - its the tourism epicentre and (with the sights I saw wondering around Spitalfields Market - without my camera (not impressed with myself) still plaguing my mind) there was more kaki cargo pants and utility rucksakes than vintage feather trilbies and carpet pantaloons. Despite my love for the High Street - and Oxford Circus is 'High Street' at it's best, those pavements are pounded by the flocking tourist from all over the world whose rocking the kaki  cargo pant instead of the vintage beige jodphur. 

Heading back to the office, rather depressed that I didnt force myself to travel further afield, I struck gold. Jackpot.

This girl, a glowing beacon amidst the dull blur of kaki and black.
The personification of fearlessness. Self expression. Classic Style..
It was Amy Winehouse in reincarnation.

In hommage  to the late Hollywood sensation, young Oxfordian here donned the simple elegant black bodycon dress - all dramatised by the intense, immaculate work of the infamous 'liquid eyeliner'.
Granted, Winehouse's grungy take on the glamour of 1960's Beat era isn't one that tickles my fashionbuds but  I applaud the clean, elegant twist she (above) has bonded to the infamous style of Hollywoods latest tragedy.

Style steal aside, I must give credit when credits due... It's nice to see the Captial's tourist attraction embrace a little fashion into its blood, instead of the mundane sea of jeans and bumbags...

Much love

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office. Thursday.

Before you wonder; No. I'm not uneducated to the point where I don't know my days of the week. Wednesday does follow Tuesday, except my Wednesday was spent pounding the pavements of 4 different boroughs of London in the search for the next modeling job instead of being in the embrace of the New Look offices, and thus not worth blogging about.

Day 3 (although 4th day of the week) saw me move from the buying department of the previous days and taking up camp in the home of New Look's Press Office, under the ruling of Industry's great; Peter Robinson - after a grooling trek from the tube station in the pouring rain, conditions of which I was not prepared for... I was welcomes by the warm embrace of New Look's Press Office showroom, once again - an embrace of which I was more than happy to accept!

Dancing around the streets of Oxford Circus, I was later transferred to the Press Office of their Oxford Street Store where, along with a current intern, we scoured the store collecting all the samples required for press callouts with the most enjoyable ones coming from the more vague callout - '60's style', 'bold, bright colours' - as this gave us the license to run wild with our imagination; let the real passion and creativity flow through the garments we picked... whilst having a cheeky store sweep for an items who I feel need a better home (my wardrobe!), you know as we're all so generous people to adopt such homelessness...

Much love;

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office. Tuesday.

Day 2. Tuesday.
Not your average Tuesday morning, I must admit. The train pulled into Oxford Circus station at 9.23, leaving me 2 minutes to get to Mortimer street, 2nd Floor, Casual Jersey for my first appointment of the day... Sample Fits.
Okay, so it doesn't sound that exciting when articulated as such... but there's a lot more to than meets the eye. Taking notes for the QC (Quality Controller) I witnessed, first hand, the process of fitting and sealing those beautiful garments you see filling the floors of every clothing retailer in the world. And believe you me; they don't just materialize the way you buy them... there's so much more too it. 

One thing that I did find quite fascinating was the fact that New Look use human fit models, as opposed to the typical fabric mannequin gracing the technical departments of the majority of London fashion companies. 
'The Perfect Size 12' 
Could you imagine not being able to change on little thing about your body. You cant gain weight. You cant loose weight. You'd have to be so careful, wouldn't you? Not my ideal job, Im telling you now..

As interesting as I found the morning's meeting, nothing could top the excitement overflowing from my veins when I stepped foot into New Look's Press Office Showroom... a galore of suede peep toes wedges, caramel and mustard 60's swing dresses, purple fur collared deer-stalker coats, rosewood leather totes and teal melton floppy hats. The ingredients needed to concoct the perfect reaction. I was fighting every single impulse not to set up camp in their 'Shoe Room', the attraction of the aroma of leather and suede was almost hypnotizing.

The latter part of my day saw me not only meeting the infamous Press team, that masterminds the marketing of the product within the industry, but working with them; answering press calls with the wanted items for various magazine or promotional shoots giving me the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon surrounded by the juices of heaven; with berries and apricots and apples colouring the very garments I'm searching for...

A very tired, very enlightened, very satisfied fashionologist swung through the glass revolving doors as the day was closing taking the birth of her inner Twiggy along with her...

Much love;

Monday, 8 August 2011

Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office. Monday.

I felt like Steve Erwin; sloothing into the territory of the unknown. Breaking the bounds of the high street shopper. Going where no one has gone before... (Okay, that one was a little dramatic but) armed with my retro 1920's fur bag; the lucky underwear of shoes; my grandad's (rotting) braces and that all important all access pass,

I had the key to enter the infamous Head Office of none other than High Street tycoon; New Look.

Thanks too a little help from Mother Franko, I had the opportunity to walk the very halls of the High Street favourite's epicentre. The heart of affordable fashion and I had no intention of walking out those towering 'pearly gates'  at 4pm without causing a little trouble (in good way of course!).

This was my opportunity to impress.. and the quickest way to appeal to the heart of any fashionista?
Dress to impress...
With this in mind I woke this morning to see the remnants of my wardrobe become my carpet as the result of my previous night's attempt to be prepared but you and me both know that you cant 'prepare' an outfit.. it all comes from emotions; inspiration; feeling...
And this is what I was feeling this morning;

Reporting to the Limited department at half 10 sharp, my eyes were met with an array of colours and textures and shapes all housed within the elegant moldings of the glass and the white and the chrome that is their office space. Among the magnitude of clothes being paraded around the 3 floored building were a sea of faces, the faces, the minds of the shop itself. It was a surreal experience to think that everything that I have ever bought, ever thought of buying or ever wanted to buy was decided by the people sitting right in front of me...

Concluding my tour of the casual; denim; formal... departments, I became the proverbial fly on the wall. Watching. Learning. Experiencing. I mean what 17 year old can say they're at the beginning of a week's work placement in the epicentre of High Street fashion, with the likes of Roger Wightman and Barbara Horspool sitting merely metres away. (Barbara a few more as she is actually on holiday this week)

With this post marking the first day of my New Look  experience, I intend to blog the outfits, the faces, the minds of New Look  - with my articulation, of course.

Much love;