Monday, 8 August 2011

Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office. Monday.

I felt like Steve Erwin; sloothing into the territory of the unknown. Breaking the bounds of the high street shopper. Going where no one has gone before... (Okay, that one was a little dramatic but) armed with my retro 1920's fur bag; the lucky underwear of shoes; my grandad's (rotting) braces and that all important all access pass,

I had the key to enter the infamous Head Office of none other than High Street tycoon; New Look.

Thanks too a little help from Mother Franko, I had the opportunity to walk the very halls of the High Street favourite's epicentre. The heart of affordable fashion and I had no intention of walking out those towering 'pearly gates'  at 4pm without causing a little trouble (in good way of course!).

This was my opportunity to impress.. and the quickest way to appeal to the heart of any fashionista?
Dress to impress...
With this in mind I woke this morning to see the remnants of my wardrobe become my carpet as the result of my previous night's attempt to be prepared but you and me both know that you cant 'prepare' an outfit.. it all comes from emotions; inspiration; feeling...
And this is what I was feeling this morning;

Reporting to the Limited department at half 10 sharp, my eyes were met with an array of colours and textures and shapes all housed within the elegant moldings of the glass and the white and the chrome that is their office space. Among the magnitude of clothes being paraded around the 3 floored building were a sea of faces, the faces, the minds of the shop itself. It was a surreal experience to think that everything that I have ever bought, ever thought of buying or ever wanted to buy was decided by the people sitting right in front of me...

Concluding my tour of the casual; denim; formal... departments, I became the proverbial fly on the wall. Watching. Learning. Experiencing. I mean what 17 year old can say they're at the beginning of a week's work placement in the epicentre of High Street fashion, with the likes of Roger Wightman and Barbara Horspool sitting merely metres away. (Barbara a few more as she is actually on holiday this week)

With this post marking the first day of my New Look  experience, I intend to blog the outfits, the faces, the minds of New Look  - with my articulation, of course.

Much love;

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