Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office. Tuesday.

Day 2. Tuesday.
Not your average Tuesday morning, I must admit. The train pulled into Oxford Circus station at 9.23, leaving me 2 minutes to get to Mortimer street, 2nd Floor, Casual Jersey for my first appointment of the day... Sample Fits.
Okay, so it doesn't sound that exciting when articulated as such... but there's a lot more to than meets the eye. Taking notes for the QC (Quality Controller) I witnessed, first hand, the process of fitting and sealing those beautiful garments you see filling the floors of every clothing retailer in the world. And believe you me; they don't just materialize the way you buy them... there's so much more too it. 

One thing that I did find quite fascinating was the fact that New Look use human fit models, as opposed to the typical fabric mannequin gracing the technical departments of the majority of London fashion companies. 
'The Perfect Size 12' 
Could you imagine not being able to change on little thing about your body. You cant gain weight. You cant loose weight. You'd have to be so careful, wouldn't you? Not my ideal job, Im telling you now..

As interesting as I found the morning's meeting, nothing could top the excitement overflowing from my veins when I stepped foot into New Look's Press Office Showroom... a galore of suede peep toes wedges, caramel and mustard 60's swing dresses, purple fur collared deer-stalker coats, rosewood leather totes and teal melton floppy hats. The ingredients needed to concoct the perfect reaction. I was fighting every single impulse not to set up camp in their 'Shoe Room', the attraction of the aroma of leather and suede was almost hypnotizing.

The latter part of my day saw me not only meeting the infamous Press team, that masterminds the marketing of the product within the industry, but working with them; answering press calls with the wanted items for various magazine or promotional shoots giving me the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon surrounded by the juices of heaven; with berries and apricots and apples colouring the very garments I'm searching for...

A very tired, very enlightened, very satisfied fashionologist swung through the glass revolving doors as the day was closing taking the birth of her inner Twiggy along with her...

Much love;

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