Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fly On The Wall: New Look Head Office. Thursday.

Before you wonder; No. I'm not uneducated to the point where I don't know my days of the week. Wednesday does follow Tuesday, except my Wednesday was spent pounding the pavements of 4 different boroughs of London in the search for the next modeling job instead of being in the embrace of the New Look offices, and thus not worth blogging about.

Day 3 (although 4th day of the week) saw me move from the buying department of the previous days and taking up camp in the home of New Look's Press Office, under the ruling of Industry's great; Peter Robinson - after a grooling trek from the tube station in the pouring rain, conditions of which I was not prepared for... I was welcomes by the warm embrace of New Look's Press Office showroom, once again - an embrace of which I was more than happy to accept!

Dancing around the streets of Oxford Circus, I was later transferred to the Press Office of their Oxford Street Store where, along with a current intern, we scoured the store collecting all the samples required for press callouts with the most enjoyable ones coming from the more vague callout - '60's style', 'bold, bright colours' - as this gave us the license to run wild with our imagination; let the real passion and creativity flow through the garments we picked... whilst having a cheeky store sweep for an items who I feel need a better home (my wardrobe!), you know as we're all so generous people to adopt such homelessness...

Much love;

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