Monday, 22 August 2011


Can you smell it?

The faint smell of stale bear and the stench of the 110,000 unbathed bodies clambering in all directions from the epicenter of pop culture this weekend. That's right. It's the morning after the weekend before.. 'V' weekend to be precise.

And yes, I can truly say that I am one of maybe 300 people that can definitively say; I was at the barriers from Eminem's return to UK stage! Although my usual music taste is more reflective of the Reading line-up than the pop princes/princesses of the V Stages, I did walked the same fields as the other 109,999 people just to feed my guilty pleasure,  all waiting to see the infamous return of Hip Hop Legend..

Whilst waiting for him to take his rightful place in the centre of the main stage, I wondered the fields searching for the next inspirational goldmine..

A pool of fashion ingenious that took residence in one of my friends in fact;

Here, Miss Danielle displays the correct way to wear the crop top without looking like you should be a streetwalker.. I do like the little daisy touch to the skirt But it's the boater hat that does it for me. You all know Im impartial to a little hat-age!
With festival style being the topic of discussion around this time.. I must admit I wasn't void of the panic ensuing a V weekend neared and I had not one inclination of what I could wear But with a little help of the fashion Gods I came up with the ensemble;
For me, adding a little headgear can make any outfit. Dont you agree Miss Danielle?

However, the true fashion inspiration for me this weekend came from the stage and not its spectators.. and my  FaceFashionology's star award must go to K T Tunstall. I mean, I was more than just a little Starstuck..
And this leads me to my morning.. in search of the perfect pair of tights to sparkle any darkened sky...
New Look £4.99
House Of Holland £14.99
Topshop £10
 Where's your pair?

Much love;

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