Thursday, 22 September 2011

'Energy'; Anthropologie

Renowned for their quirky designs and vintage-inspired aesthetic, Anthroplogie's latest collection didn't stray far from the pack and certainly didn't disappoint!
This season saw a combination of cashmere knits in quirky prints, with fine silk blouse and skirts and all beautifully captured by up-and-coming photographer Clare Jackson..

Jackson's interesting approach to capturing the essence of natures 'energy' provides a whole new lease of life for this collection. Talk about DIY.. Using the combination of a failed attempt at obtaining fire flies?,  twinkling fairy lights and a little initiative, Jackson's interpretation is the quirky frame that complements such quirky clothing and I had the privilege of being a part of it..

Standing in the back garden of a period house somewhere in Kent, I couldn't have dreamt a more idyllic location for a shoot influenced by nature's energy... The grand willow tree swaying in the remnants of the hurricanes winds. The slow hum of the water rushing downstream. The smell of rural quaintness being lifted from the flowers (I dont think that's a word - but it is now). Not to mention the amazing set of clothes hanging in the little outhouse, all waiting to be styled by the innovative Saz Thomas...

There's just something I found so elegant yet unique about the combination of the silk flesh blouse and maxi skirt. If it weren't for the annoyingly justifiable price tags, I could easily see the majority of that collection being very welcomed by the rest of Fashionologist's wardrobe.


Ho Hum.. To the local charity shops, I say!

Much love;

Photography: Clare Jackson (
Stylist: Sarah Thomas
Models: Lauren Franklin (Zone-Models)
             Sarah Thomas (Zone-Models)

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