Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Astraea's No Greek Myth This Year...

Greek Mythology personifies 'Astraea' as the symbol of innocence and purity, much like her mother, wife of Zeus. However, the 21st Century's Astraea couldn't be more opposite if she tried - or maybe that's the point?

This native Californian is by no means 'innocent as her catchy lyrics and up-front attitude tells us what she's all about. This 'Dirty Blonde' is a care-free, die-hard California girl - as Katy Perry would say. Lucky for us Face Fashionology has been given the privilege to introduce this up-and-coming singer to the British fashion world.

She is a fashion forward artist, fit to turn heads and push boundaries with her music and in fashion.

The San Diego native has transformed from her choir-girl roots to make her mark on the music scene with her March debut, 'Dirty Blonde'

The rest of her EP follows suit with her music depicting the California lifestyle that she's grown accustomed too. Partying and gettin tipsy – perhaps not exactly the type of role model youd want children to aspire to but she looks pretty damn good doing it and hey... what's life without a little fun?  Astraea certainly knows how to get the party started.

'I Date Losers..' is one of the most relatable songs on her EP and I'm sure every single fashionologist out there has had their share of losers.. 

But there's more to this girl than a few good songs. After being handpicked, Astraea is now the face of Dirty Blonde Cocktails, a new line of premium champagne cocktails that will be carried in over 800 Target stores and BevMo locations throughout the U.S.

Having just hit the scene in the last few months, Astraea isnt waiting in the wings. She's out there, making a splash - so to speak. Her energy and raw appeal has recently brought down the house at V-Live in Chicago performing to a packed house of over 2k. Shes performed at venues in Hollywood and San Diego, CA and fully intends on riding this train as she has more performances slated in the near future.

This girl is going places and shes going fast.

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  1. Love this blog, she seems like she has a really cool image and style so i'll definitely have to have a listen. Thanks :)

  2. She's cool! Dirty Blonde vid is super cool too. I'll def be watching out for this one. Work it girl.

  3. Agreed!
    I really like the start to her music video, it's really cool :)

  4. loved the video! Great article, as always :)