Wednesday, 21 September 2011


As you all know, Im not a huge fan of the designers - purely because their (sometimes) innovative designs are either copied (poorly) and flood the highstreet.. so everything, everywhere looks the same. Or they (the big ones), themselves, just copy the past.. and then there really is nothing new! Dont get me wrong, I am loving this whole beatnik 60's look but again, its been done.. its not new.

That is one thing that really gets my fashion blood boiling about the 21st Century... the designer rarely invent something new, they just purely re-invent, and re-copy.

Rant over.

However, I must admit.. trawling through the many same-o collections of the many same-o designer (in the hope that there were some new, fresh blood that hadn't been tainted with the money-making mentality of the majority of designers out there.. and actually still loved fashion for the pure creativity of it all) I did manage to find a few highlights...

So here's Fashionologist's Favourites from LFW S/S '12;

House of Holland

This collection from Henry Holland sees 1980's tomboy clash with pretty punk in the country? The highlight of tartan checks, and cow-like print make a hugh juxtaposition to the mesh inserts and multiple zips of the 'punk' aesthetic. It was in the blend of snakeskin, washed-out denim and (my wardrobe favourite) collared shirts (and the interesting colour palette) that encouraged my love for this collection. The clash of all aesthetics is inspiring for any fashionologist .. and who knew cow-print could be so flattering!?

Meadham Kirchhoff

The fun and frilly pantomime collection of Meadham Kirchhoff was a complete chaos of colours, patterns and fabrics... You'd definitely be fit for a child's tea party with this one! I guess thats what I like about this.. takes me back to my childhood of playing tea party with my teddies! The kitsch pinafore dresses featuring fun cartoons characters among the love heart prints were the key pieces of child's play inspiration whilst the structures dresses and playsuits of heavy embroidery added the decadent quality to the collection. Looks a bit like Marie Antoinette on crack! And as if the collection itself wasn't chaotic enough... Ribbons and streamers cascaded from the ceiling as doll-like models marched around a Can Can dancing troupe of Courtney Love look-a-likes, under a tower of candy coloured balloons. 

And last but not least...


Contrary to popular belief, this collection isn't the product of a 'Black Swan' obsession and draws inspirations from  the Slimbridge Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (wetland grounds that are home to swans, geese and flamingos). But in all fairness, who gives a duck where the inspiration came from.. Im just glad it did. This collection is dramatic and powerful.. as the floor-sweeping gowns and luxurious feather headdresses sashayed down the catwalk to the haunting classical soundtrack. From the blown-out silks print gowns to the ostrich feather trimmed cocktail dresses, decadence and luxury were in abundance with this collection. What makes this collection such a favourite for Fashionologist is that it didn't 'fit' neatly with the overriding trends of the LFW catwalks, Giles is showing a little of the individuality I have been craving.. its just a damn shame none of it is commercially wearable.. but hey, isn't that the whole fun of style?

Much love;

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