Tuesday, 4 October 2011

RuffleRuffle's on the Rise

Fashionologists; I have an announcement..
Welcome RuffleRuffle to Asos Market Place!

Do you remember a little while back, and by a while I mean in December, I stumbled across this amazing host of talent ..FaceFashionology: RuffleRuffle's Got My Feathers In A Fruffle...

Well Jodie Ruffle, founder and creator of Ruffle Ruffle is back and, excuse the cliche, she is better than ever. Launching her newest collection of vibrant colours, renowned intricate detailing and geometric twist, Ruffle is sure to be making her mark on the market.

London based designer Jodie, graduated with a first BA hons in Fashion, has interned for Jonathon Saunders and worked for a year as a design assistant for Alexander McQueen - Yes McQueen, and I've met her! All before venturing on her own.. and thus, the birth of up-and-coming boutique label; Ruffle Ruffle.

This season sees the launch of her second collection, riddled with geometric influence and her renowned juxtaposition of rigid and delicate elements; the concoction of squares and circles and triangles taking form in draping silks and chiffons.

The images taken on location by up-and-coming photographer Hollie Carlin..

Speaking with Miss Ruffle herself;

What has the reaction been like since your line went live?
Really great! We’ve had a really positive response and it’s amazing to be contacted by people from all over the world telling you they love your work! The first item we sold was to a girl in Hawaii and we couldn’t believe it - that someone was sitting at their computer looking at RuffleRuffle on the other side of the world!

What does this step mean for RuffleRuffle?
It’s a really huge step for RuffleRuffle – it is allowing us to get our brand out there and seen everywhere. ASOS is such a major player in online fashion that I think it’s really amazing that they’ve created this new marketplace area for up and coming designers. The way it works means that I can sell to anyone, anywhere in the world, but I can do it at a pace that suits me. Lack of finance is often the thing that stops you from being able to move forward – but with ASOS you can pace yourself, day by day when you sell things – you can see straight away which are the popular items and you can produce more of the items that are in demand. It’s a really fantastic way for a designer in my position to start out. Hopefully we’ll build up a bit of a following, a financial backing and then be able to really push things forward.

How did it feel to see RuffleRuffle on Asos MarketPlace... ASOS!?
Ummm, kind of strange I guess! I mean, I’ve known what it looks like for ages so it’s hard to be objective about it. It’s really good to hear how other people see it, people who haven’t seen it before. It is great to know that your hard work is on show, it makes it all worth it – and so all my friends and family can see why I spend so many hours locked up in my studio! It’s been a pretty tough year for me, so it feels really good to have achieved something like this through sheer determination and hard work.

What has your inspiration come from?
For the Spring/Summer collection that is currently on ASOS, the inspiration came mainly from playing with simple geometry – using circles and squares cut in varying scales, so when they’re cut large they produce length and soft drape, and when cut at the smallest they produce the graphic mosaic detailing you see scattered across many of the pieces.
For the Autumn/Winter collection that will be launched on ASOS in the next few weeks, I was inspired by re-reading one of my favourite novels, ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I wanted to keep the shapes simple and easy fitting, using the boxy silhouette of the 1920s, and channel the decadence of the era through beautiful fabrics and textile embellishment – which in this case has been expressed through panelling, quilting and appliqué.

What are RuffleRuffle's hopes for the future?
I want RuffleRuffle to be recognised and loved worldwide, for people to be able to say;
'that’s definitely a RuffleRuffle’! 
I think it’s important at first that the collections on ASOS are made up of wearable and affordable pieces, but that they still have the RuffleRuffle stamp on them. I want to reach as many people as possible and build up a bit of a following... and hopefully it will be a stepping stone onto selling in more stores, more countries and showing worldwide. I remember when I was being interviewed for my BA Fashion course, they asked me a similar question; ‘where do you hope to be in ten years from now?’ – In a bundle of nerves I blurted out: ‘I want to take over the fashion world!!’ Well, that’s quite a statement to make isn’t it?! One step at a time...

If anything; I want my hands on those tights... you know thats true, untapped creativity when someone can turn your average pair of flesh tights and into a leather mosaic concoction...

Follow RuffleRuffle's progress;

Much love;

Photographer: Hollie Carlin (
Designer: Ruffle Ruffle (
Model: Lauren (Zone Models;

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  1. Love the colors used in the attire! Specially the accessory on the neck. Although some jewels would have complemented the attire too!