Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Online shopping has been a Fashionologist's one-click-shop for beating the tedious post-christmas queues or getting their hands on the latest collections without a mass excursion into London. The invention of online shopping has taken the fashion world by storm, with the invention of the likes of ASOS becoming online sensations. Although I am impartial to shopping from the comfort of my bed is ideal when I've been stuck in isolation caused by the latest virus to consume my immune system or is the perfect procrastinational activity to avoid the mountains of French revision. BUT, for me, shopping is the best part of shopping.. Pictures can be deceiving and what looks amazing of the strategically picked models is most certainly going to look different on you... Therefore; Fashionologist's verdict on online shopping has been use with discretion.

At least that was the case until this little website gem launched... is the latest one-stop-shop to revolutionize the way we shop online. Not only can you 'try before you buy' with the creation of their online 'Fitting Rooms' but you can create your very own, personalised, avatar which can look just like you - so you can see just what they look like on you.

And if you, like Regina George from Mean Girls, believe that 'you don't buy a skirt without asking your friends if it looks good on you first' - then you can do just that. allows you to run an outfit by your best critiques because you can save everything in your very own personalised wardrobe and invite your friends through Facebook or the website itself. is home to many of the typical brands like; Religion; Junk Food; Max C but what makes Fashionologist want to blog about the website so much is the fact it is also home to the more obscure, less obtainable, up-and-coming brands like  Miss Real; Bratz and Suzie; Jarlo...

Enough advertising information (your welcome MeeMee) and now for the Fashionlologist verdict.... it's pretty straightforward to navigate and is host to whole lot of features that I'm afraid are a little technical for the computer-illierature Fashionologist but nevertheles; it has managed to take the complete anti-online shopper and turned her into a MeeMee-aholic. Now I have two wardrobes!

So Fashionologist; what's in your wardrobe?

Much love;

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