Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jessie J in KatyaKatya Stole The Show...

Fashionologist has been extreme Anti-X Factor this year, purely because every single act on the show is a mere replication of someone who is already in the charts. Im not disputing some of their talent, because my god can Misha B sing! But there is nothing new, nothing original? I mean, they couldn't have made Janet Devlin into more of a clone of Florence Welch, if they tried! -and this just opens the whole can of worms that is Fashionologist's hatred towards the lack of individuality that has become today's society (But thats a rant for another post)

Anyways; the reason that I am professing my distain for all things X Factor right now is actually because, and I hate to admit, there has been something good to come out of tonight's episode...

Jessie J, stunned the X Factor audience with an emotional performance of her new single; Who You Are but she stunned me in the fitted floor length dress, with lace detail at the top. The gown is one of the many beautiful creations by an emerging designer named KatyaKatya Shehurina and can be purchased here for only £900.

KatyaKatya Shehurin Catwalk Image 
This dress is just a glimpse into the amazing Collection: KatyaKatya Shehurina , my heart definitely skipped at beat at the sight of a few certain pieces..

Much love;

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Suckerpunch'd and We're All Starry Eyed

Well its a Saturday and you should all know by now what Fashionologist does on Saturday.. .Yep! You guessed it - Chelmsford. (And d'you know what make it even more infuriating at this weekly reoccurrence.. My little sister no longer does ice skating - yet we still go to Chelmsford? Eurghhh!)

Anyways; Chelmsford was just as equally inspiring as it is every week and Fashionologist had every intention of creating a little excitement, just as she does every week.. and today I was inspired by the stars;

Im wearing, my favourite purchase of the year, Henry Holland tights, with the cutest pleated high-waisted plum/rouge shorts (that literally make your waist look about 20" - FaceFashionologist recommendation and can be bought here) and a vintage one-off jumper courtesy of Ebay; all top'd off with my good old faithful black bowler hat.

I have to admit, those tights can add a little punch to even the most simpliest of outfits; giving it the Fashionologist flair... I wonder what the chances are of getting away with those at Sixth Form (bearing in mind the dress code is 'Business Dress'? Slim to none?

Much love;

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas Party Goes Carnival with Virgos Lounge

Fashionologist's; don't I have a treat for you.

I want to take you back to October time and tell you that I have been sitting on this discovery since then, itching to spill my guts and announce to my loyal Fashionologist's, the latest collection to come out of the talents of the three Nigerian ladies that are the Brains behind Virgos Lounge.

Known for their contemporary twist on the vintage style taking over the fashion world, Virgos Lounge previous collection have been, by no means at all, a disappointment to their reputation. Their earlier 'Resort Collection' was a mix of rich hues, intricate embellishments and delicate designs that literally flew out upon its release. - And I have every expectation that their Christmas Carnival Collection will react just as good, if not better!

The reason I have been sitting on this information for months is because I had the privilege to be a part of the Christmas Carnival Collection and, along with three other beautiful models (one being a contestant from this seasons Britain's Next Top Model!), was the face of the editorial campaign for their collection. The second I got my hands of the pictures, I was immediately writing a blog posts in my head; but out of professionality and the preserve the revelation of the collection for themselves, I have kept them under raps.

Until now.
Wednesday 23rd marks the launch of their collection;

Photographer: Sophie Pycroft
Videographer: Hannah Pycroft
Models: Lauren Franklin (
               Jemillia King
               Ofuoma Itoje
Hair and Make-up: Alison Cameron

FaceFashionology was very lucky to have the opportunity to speak with the Virgos Lounge Ladies about the amazing success of their label;

Where did 'Virgos Lounge' come from?
It started from a love of all things vintage! We decided to make vintage styles a bit more modern with the silhouettes and colour combinations used and it has just progressed from there.

                                         What was the inspiration for your Christmas collection?
The collection was inspired by carnivals, making use of bright colors, fringe details, and vibrant embellishments to give a range of  pieces to take you through the party season and beyond.  

What's the reaction been like to Virgos Lounge?  
 Its been great, we have been featured in a couple of weekly publications and the interest is growing steadily so we're pretty chuffed about that.

Who is the Virgos Lounge girl?
Fun loving girls that are not afraid to stand out with their fashion choices while still remaining trendy, so thats most girls really.

Where do you look inspiration for own style, Virgos Lounge Ladies?
There a quite a few celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Rachel Bilson, etc but its the regular London girls that really inspire us, there's a lot of individuality which is awesome.

What is next? Fashion shows? Your own shop?
Ah, loads we hope! We would love a few stockist's and maybe a store in the near future :)

So, if your a girl after Fashionologist's heart and melt at the first sign of anything vintage, then Virgos Lounge is definitely for you. From their unique approach to a fashion classic to their sensational attention detail, you are sure to be a show stopper this Christmas... I don't know about you; but I've already got the perfect place in my wardrobe for that navy sequined embellished dress! I think it will fit in just nicely.

As if this day couldn't get any better; VirgosLounge are giving the first l0 lucky girls 10% off. If you want to get your hands on this discount then Ill meet you at at 12pm sharp.

Much love;

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FaceFashionology: Happy 1st Birthday

Today is a very special day in the FaceFashionology world, because it marks the first anniversary of it's existence.

Unfortunately, I am currently bowing to the pressure of Sixth Form work (terrible isnt it!) and don't have the time to dedicate to crafting the perfect fashion-inspired post to celebrate this joyous occasion. But this is, a joyous occasion, a proud moment for Fashionologist, and I want to take this time to go all sentimental on your ass!

It feels weird sitting here typing, yet another post, which would typically be about the random nonsense that manages to find its way out of the depths of my mind (where it should probably stay, in all fairness), when I was sitting here, one year ago, at the beginning of this journey.

FaceFashionology began out a crazed moment when, bored and thinking of what else I haven't tried that could occupy my mind,  'blog' popped into my head. I want to write for my career and I have an unnatural obsession - so it was actually more logically than I first realized - and thus FaceFashionology was born.

It has been one hell of a year and were still standing? - And there was me thinking that it'd fizzle out after a few months! Im surprised I have alienated you all by now, but you've remained loyal and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single Fashionologist that has supported this blog and has given it the success that I have been so fortunate to have. A year in, yet this is only the beginning, FaceFashionology is on its way to big and bright things and its all thanks to you, so keep reading, keep commenting and keep inspired.

Well its the beginning of new year in FaceFashionology's life and a new year means a new look; and with this in mind I would like to say Thankyou to Wes Hicks for his innovative recreation of the FaceFashionology logo.

Happy Birthday FaceFashionology.

Much love;

Monday, 21 November 2011

Pyjamas are Meant For Bed, Right?

Everyone knows that the Fashion industry can, from time to time, come up with some random 'style' which is instantly mimicked by the mindless fashion pilgrims and is, at the end of the day, a complete joke.
Underwear as outerwear, anyone?

But I think this one takes the cake.

According to an article by the Daily Mail: Bananas For Pyjamas, the whole look of wearing pyjamas as an outfit is starting to catch on, with the likes of Stella McCartney and Jonathon Saunders showcasing the night sets in the catwalk collections.
The Daily Mail says; Jonathan Saunders explained the current PJ appeal as, ‘a more relaxed silhouette and a easy shape that hangs from the body.’ But to me, it just sounds like people are getting beyond lazy and cant even be bothered to get dressed in the morning!

-and there's me thinking that the staff of New Look in Lakeside on saturday where just in the Children In Need spirit, and wearing their pyjamas as a charity stunt.

Louis Vitton, 2012
Salvatore Ferragamo, 2012

Now, I have been 'mocked' for wearing printed palazzo pants, asking if I was running late this morning and forgot to get dressed, (Thanks college lot) But to a Fashionologist casual, slouchy trousers, teamed with a cami blouse or wooly jumper is a effortless way to be comfy and stylish or an oversized 'bed' shirt with peg-leg trousers or tucked into high-waisted shorts can do the same job - but to wear a full-blown pyjama set out of your front door is a little too far - Id look at you and think your going bananas.

I guess there's always a silver lining to everything.. you'll get extra time in bed, because there'll be no need to 'get dressed' in the mornings. And, you'll be prepared if you ever need to crash at a mates house at the last minute.

Although, I do wonder... will Tesco let people into their stores wearing pyjamas now - since its a fashion trend now?

Much love;

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Spoilt Rotten!

Today began with a seeming normality, which is actually probably quite weird for me - oh the irony! And after a long and grueling day of working very hard (pfttt!) at Sixth Form, I returned home with the expectance of this same normality. Oh boy, was I wrong.

'You have a package' -  says Grandad Fashionologist

I waltzed up to my room, thinking it was just one of the copious amounts of Christmas presents that I've bought, and had an amazing little surprise, clocked in a grey plastic package waiting on my bed...

Look familiar? -Yes... they are the infamous geometric tights from the Asos Marketplace collection;

The teal colour is so vibrant and vivacious that Fashionologist would team with brown wooden wedges, a white summer dress and a plum or yellow waist belt for an instant effortless summer style day look or wear with an abstract-shaped nude dress, like this Lobster embellished Peplum dress by Aqua at Asos, for a show stopping evening look, perfect for storming the streets of London.

How would you wear it Fashionologist?

Much love;

Monday, 14 November 2011

RuffleRuffle will Brighten Any Day..

Fashionologist had the great privilege of being a part of the latest collection to come out of the very talented, very inspirational Jodie Ruffle; founder of  designer label RuffleRuffle. 

The latest collection, inspired by the geometric influence of her previous Asos Marketplace collection, is an explosion of colour in bright blue hues and sunshine yellow accents, all complimented in silks and crepes and satins to create the effortless fluidity and elegance that is Spring/Summer 2012.

One thing I love about this collection, is it's originality as it doesn't play safe and plague it's collection with floral print, after floral print, after floral print (the typical 'trend' - or cope out, as I would say). Embodying the RuffleRuffle characteristic of juxtaposition within her garments, this latest collection plays the with abstract shapes and styles but result in an elegant yet playful take on the fresh, tantalizing ambiance of Great British springtime.

The leg-lengthening and waist-synching shapes are flattering for all Fashionologist's and are the perfect way to stay fresh, cool and down-right stylish, when the sun decides to return from its winter hibernation!

Photographer: Hollie Carlin
Model: Lauren Franklin (Zone-Models)
Hair: Laura Lyons
Makeup: Chloe Han
Amazing, right?
and a little birdy told me (ha! Get it? - Twitter) that they are already developing their next collection for Asos Marketplace; I dont know about you, but Fashionologist thinks with that dedication RuffleRuffle is certainly going somewhere and fast.

RuffleRuffle has entered a competition to win the chance to design a dress for Leona Lewis and if you believe in this talent as much as I do, then please help support them and vote!
Voting ends on Wednesday 23rd November, so Fashionologists better get voting soon!

Much love;