Saturday, 26 November 2011

Suckerpunch'd and We're All Starry Eyed

Well its a Saturday and you should all know by now what Fashionologist does on Saturday.. .Yep! You guessed it - Chelmsford. (And d'you know what make it even more infuriating at this weekly reoccurrence.. My little sister no longer does ice skating - yet we still go to Chelmsford? Eurghhh!)

Anyways; Chelmsford was just as equally inspiring as it is every week and Fashionologist had every intention of creating a little excitement, just as she does every week.. and today I was inspired by the stars;

Im wearing, my favourite purchase of the year, Henry Holland tights, with the cutest pleated high-waisted plum/rouge shorts (that literally make your waist look about 20" - FaceFashionologist recommendation and can be bought here) and a vintage one-off jumper courtesy of Ebay; all top'd off with my good old faithful black bowler hat.

I have to admit, those tights can add a little punch to even the most simpliest of outfits; giving it the Fashionologist flair... I wonder what the chances are of getting away with those at Sixth Form (bearing in mind the dress code is 'Business Dress'? Slim to none?

Much love;

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