Monday, 5 December 2011

The Great British Winter

I think we have finally got our winter.. and with the sub-zero temperatures plaguing our morning and Monday morning bed just that little bit more inviting - and as the temperatures drop below light-jacket barability; its time to break the big guns...

The Autumn/Winter seasons are always Fashionologist's favourites because my god do the British know how to rock their winter wardrobe. As you all know, Fashionologist holds a little distain towards summer because as far as 'fashion' goes its floral floral floral. But the turning colours of the leaves brings with it a multitude of fashionologic inspirations - layers of quirky printed or gigantic mohair jumpers; thick patterned wrap cardigans; knitted scarves or snoods of any colour imaginable and the toasty fur-lined boots that is the perfect British way to tackle ol' Jack Frost..

But when it comes to the dead of winter (and this winter it's began a lot later than usual - result!) those layers of autumn style have no effect as they are instantly drowned by the massive wool coats that have to be worn if we are to stand any chance of staying defrosted this winter.. and all the winspiration becomes redundant. Fashionologist has always been a little impartial to a fur coat during the winter months because you can still retain the instant glamour and style during winter whilst feeling like a big in rug! The only downside is that a fur winter warmer holds a hefty price tag...

Even if you venture out of the comfortability of online or high street shopping to try and find a bargain; being engaged in the epic Ebay wars bidding on that perfect coat, you can easily be caught up in the excitement and spend a lot more than you were intended to..

Here's a few FaceFashionology tips on how to do fur this year;

1. Vintage websites...
You may be a little surprised to hear this but there are many vintage sites out there (somewhere in the abis) that sell vintage or second hand garments for reasonable prices...
this beautiful fur coat is only £40 from
2. Ebay..
Although I did just say Ebay can be a little dangerous, if you set yourself a price limit and maybe get a friend to bid for you then you may not be blinded by your love and break the bank! However, a vintage fur coat will hold its value a lot more than a high street version! 

Fashionologist suggests to use the individual auctions because your more likely to find a bargain than if you look at the well-known ebay seller stores

3. Charity Shops..
Some people can find these really off putting but if you've got a little time  to spare and aren't afraid to rummage then you'll find some serious bargains in your local charity shops and even take a venture into London; you'll be able to get your hands on a good winter coat for a fraction of the high street price.

4. Fur accessories..
If you're still struggling to find the perfect (priced) coat for you this winter then you can completely revamp last years coats with a little fur trim. You can buy fur collars from all over the high street at varying prices but they are the perfect way to bring last years coat into this season.
Luxurious oversized fur lapel collar - £25 Asos
Cute dalmation peter pan collar - £11 Asos
Villa Amour Fur Scarf - £8.99
5. High Street
Don't be afraid to scour the high street! And with the invention of online shopping you can do it from the warmth and comfort of your own home.. Shop around and keep an eye out for promotional offers but remember they are just that; Promotional and wont last forever so be sure to snap it up if you find the one you like!

£40 -

£85 - Miss Real 
(they were doing a 30% promotion last year, but I just missed it!)
was £98, now £68 - Topshop
(Topshop are doing £30 many winter coats, much like River Island)

However you do it this season; add a little fur into your winter warmer for the perfect way to stay warm and stylish... and they say that fashion isn't practical!

Much love;

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