Monday, 5 December 2011


'Fashion Week' is the time of the season for everyone who's anyone in the Fashion industry from the designers presenting their collections; the models who's careers are being fueled through walking for these collections; the magazines or blogs or television shows that report on the collections and the Fashionologist's that are inspired by the fashions... All in all; Fashion Week is the pinnacle of every season.

As the invention of online shopping has literally taken over the retail side of the industry (with more and more people opening web boutique instead of high street stores) I guess it makes sense to propel Fashion week into the 21st century. Pioneered by Vogue; today, Monday 5th December, marks the launch and first day of Online Fashion Week (OWL - for short)

What exactly is 'Online Fashion Week'? I hear you ask...

It is the collaboration of all things designer, high street and boutique to raise money for their chosen charities through 'offering special online events, prizes, discounts or free gifts – and with every single purchase you’ll be helping a charity of your choice.' - Vogue 

I think this is a great way to get the public out there (well online) shopping again; the recession has hit the economy astronomically this year with not only the public reducing their spending but the high street playing it so safe that the true style and inspiration of Great British Fashion has literally been drained from the high street and much like the rest of you I'm sure.. Fashionologist is not happy! With the creation of Online Fashion Week, hopefully the Fashionologist's will be encourages to spend those pennies and grab the bargains to be the perfect Ms Claus this christmas and at the very same time; your doing your bit for charity without even thinking about it. Win Win, I'd say!

Follow Vogue: Online Fashion Week for the latest updates, competition details and flash sales to stretch your pound this christmas.

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