Friday, 23 December 2011

To Coat, or Not To Coat?

With all of these pre (and post) Christmas parties riddling each and everyone's diary this past week, I can say, for a fact, that each and every Fashionologist has been on the hunt for the perfect ensemble to dance their way through the infamous party season of 2011. From subtle and sultry black lace concoctions to the show-stopping sequin numbers, us Fashionologist's have been spoilt for choice, and, if your all as savvy as you say, at ridiculous prices that it's almost a steal!

One thing that I always struggle with when it comes to party season is that age old question of; do I wear a coat? The immediate answer that is one all of your lips right now is 'no'... and I would agree. But I think a post-hangover/make-up-cloak from last night's party is unfortunate enough, without throwing the onslaught of winter's weapons into the mix. So... to coat or not to coat?

Although you can take it off when you get there, its all about the arrival and no one's floor will be a sea of mouth if you've got your trusty old coat over you shoulders, or your arm for the matter. So then I considered a shrug, or cape jacket that can still look elegant but they are bulky things and unless you trust your fellow party go-ers enough to not pinch your black, long-line dinner cape on their alcohol goggled departure (by accident, of course) or give your vintage (faux!) mink fur caplet an mid-evening beverage, then that option is off the table...

BUT, whilst perusing my new favourite little website; I came across this little gem!

Im wearing a crochet black long sleeved shrug from Christmas Sale over the lace top skater dress from Jones and Jones wrapped with a bow belt and my black skyscrapers!

As cute as this shrug from is, any knitwear creation (within reason) will work this christmas.. see, it doesn't have to all be about glitter and sequins this christmas.. brave enough to break the rules?

Much love;

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