Thursday, 8 December 2011

Alice Takes A Trip...

Well FaceFashionologist certainly knows what taking first place on her christmas list this year... and after this post Im sure you'll all be going mad for Alice Takes A Trip...

And just as Alice has taken me on a trip, I'm going to take you on my journey to discovery... being a self-professed anti-online shopper, I have literally undergone a complete metamorphosis since my discover of and have gone online-mad.. and during my web-induced coma I clicked upon this amazing little discovery  - and just in time for christmas!

Established since 2006, this independent boutique is the definition of quirky and the fact that they 'take in pride in that everything is hand made or hand finished in our studio in Sheffield, making Alice takes a trip that extra bit special...' really does give them a hold on the market that the high street just doesn't have... Originality, personality and down-right 'coolness' to be honest..

Alice Takes A Trip has literally taken hold of my heart this christmas and I'll be more than happy to admit that I think I've developed a little fashion crush on the two sister/founders of the label. For me, it's in the combination of the vintage heritage style with the absolute guilty pleasure of the 80's that gives Fashionologist a little excitement again! As you all know, from my multitude of posts, about my growing depression with the state of fashion today, but I don't think I've been this excited by the raw talent and passion of a label since probably RuffleRuffle!

 Maybe it's the archaic twist on the traditional fairytale of Alice In Wonderland oor maybe it's 'couldn't care less' attitude of the models that fuels my excitement? Alice Takes a Trip is propelling us back in time when fashion was fun.. and I think thats just what the doctor order!

You can find them on Asos Marketplace if you can't resist their passion and freedom just as much as me!

Much love;

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