Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Technology Bites Back!

Firstly, I must begin with a rather huge apology for my lack of posting this past week; my laptop decided it wanted to become incompatible with my software, which resulted in the 'blue screen of death', every time I attempted to immerse myself in the matrix.

At this very moment, I am in utter jubilations and attempting to write this post a quickly as possible, to ensure I can communicate with you all before I am rejected again. With this in mind, I apologise as well for an increased amount of mistakes within my prose.

The reason I am here is to let you know I am still alive and to update you all to the world of Fashionologist. The moment I lost contact with you all was Friday; when I had just edited the photos of my latest concoction and, only mere moments into materialising my thoughts, I was met with an array of figures (that looked like complete nonsense to me). However, they weren't nonsense and have rendered my computer-less for the last 4 days - I know, I have no idea how I coped either!

Anyways, Friday was the last contact time with my teachers for preparation for my mock exams this week (and yes, I am taking a well deserved break right now!) and by the end of the day I literally looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backward! Luckily, I bombarded my sister that morning to capture to quirky comfort look I was sporting.

I’m wearing my new favourite jumper; that I'm literally living in at the moment, one of my favourite Christmas presents from the Boyfriend (aww!) and I would like to personally thank Topshop for this one! It’s so comfy and in sale, the last time I looked. And, in true Fashionologist style, even when I'm longing for comfort, I have to add a little me into each outfit and have accessorized this ensemble with the leather bow tie; a laFashionologist.

Before I sign off, I probably won’t be back for a few more days, out of pure dedication to my education (ha!).. and so will see you at the weekend – In which I will begin the countdown to my birthday!

Much love;

Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Little Controversy Never Killed No One; Chanel 2012

I just had the shock of my life.
My heart sank.
My eyes welled up.
My hope dyed a little inside.

Yes, and I'm sure you'll all be shocked when I say this; I'm talking about the Chanel Couture Show. This reaction was based on two, rather contradictory, reasons;

1. The unflattering ode to air hostesses on the first page of Vogue's Show report
2. My unadulterated desire to fly aboard Air Chanel

I think it's probably best for me to explain myself, before you all condemn and unfollow me;
I've said, throughout my blogging shelf-life, that I hate the influence of the big label designers because of the fact that the high street will most definitely be flooded by cheaper and cheaper replicas of what was once a magnificent work of art. This being the one the reasons why I tend to steer clear of the catwalk trends pages of every magazine après the shows, you know; the whole being individual thing... However, pure curiosity always ravages my soul around this time of each season and I can't help but drool over the couture collections of fashion greatest, in between scouring for the glints of the up-and-coming too!

And today, sitting in the Sixth Form canteen, when I clearly should be revising for my mock exams next week, I had no ounce of self-control and before I knew I found myself typing... w w w . v o g u.. by this point it was too late!

This brings me to my 'dying inside' point I made earlier. Amazed, was I, by the reports of Lagerfeld’s innovation, breaking the boundaries of the traditional catwalk structure, as show-goers travelled (business class of course) up, up and away. This fuelled expectations that were sadly not met on the first page of Vogue's Show report;

I can't actually believe I'm saying this (and I'll probably get shot for it); but what has he done?! Where's the flattering lines, the innovative creations?! Where's the Chanel that I know and love?! I applaud his daring and the commitment to the theme, but this is certainly one trend that I hope doesn't make waves on the high street.

I was broken. I had gone looking for inspiration and all I got was blocked ears.

I continued, carrying the light for the fashion industry's greatest and, with a few clicks of the mouse, I found it;
The colours, the attention to detail, the pure luxuriousness so effortlessly light, the desire to rob a bank to purchase just one piece from the collection.

By the end of the images, I was happy to say that all was right with the mad world that we live in, again.

Much love;

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Miss Real London

Opening my inbox on Monday I was met with such an array that I felt like a kid in a sweet shop; jumping from picture to picture I was sent into such a frenzy that I even shocked myself (and I know me and it would take a lot to shock me; so that just tells you the magnitude of my excitement!)

Before my eyes was a preview of one of Miss Real London's many capsule collections, about to drop across the world this spring time. I was not satisfied by these 2D images and I had to see them with my own eyes, although; upon reflection, this probably wasn't one of my smartest proclamations. If I behaved the way I did when I saw the pictures, then I can only imagine the looks of utter bewilderment when I can run my hands over the lace and satin and chiffon of this collection.

But, I managed to contain my excitement today when, taking a cheeky day of Sixth Form (to go to a University open day of course, and having a little extra time), I bounced into the stones floored, minimalistic reception and up the infamous winding staircase into the London offices of Miss Real London;

The clothes that are flooding the high street this spring are either an array of subtle girlie tones of the pastel palette or packing a punch with their bright hues and I applaud the creative team of Miss Real London for taking a little risk (and inviting me to their offices of course!)... I love their ode to the 60's trend of last year, but it's their inventiveness and daringness than makes me giddy! Spring's all about rebirth and I think this collection says it all; rebirth of a classic.

Their attention to detail, through the mixture of lace and velvet, gives each garment its handmade touch, making it more than just another garment churned out by the buying departments of every high street store. Each piece is special and I must admit I'm a little impartial to black and white, but I would wear every single piece of this collection and I intend to, don't you worry!
   Much love;

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bird Watching


Waking this morning to see the sun actually lighting the sky, instead of the blanket of darkness often cloaking my mornings, was quite refreshing today and definitely put a spring in my step. Although, upon reflection, this could be due to the fact it was closer to noon than I'd like to admit! Regardless of my weekend laziness, this morning was the perfect opportunity to break out my new Alice-Takes-a-Trip jumper that I've been dying to wear and hadn't, as of yet, found the opportune moment.

My styling of the infamous Alice-Takes-A-Trip jumper is a little left-wing compared to the retro styling of their lookbook, but I was feeling a little inspired by the oncoming Spring time. I must admit, it does shock me to say this as I'm not scared to divulge the anti-nature stance Fashionologist takes. Nevertheless it was nature's rebirth that influenced my vintage styling, instead of my typical grunge edge.

Maybe studying Robert Frost and Ted Hughes' poetry is starting to convert me?! - shudders the self-confessed city girl...

Much love;

Monday, 16 January 2012

One Women Crusade; To Bring Back The Bowtie

Last week, Wednesday 11th to be precise, I had my first University interview; for a place to study English Literature at Queen Mary University in London. And so, dressed to impress (pardon the cliché) I hit the streets of London in the 'smartest' ensemble I could conjure - and by 'smartest' I am inferring to the reining in of my desire to go a little different, so I guess.. I don’t really mean ‘smartest’? Sorry, I digress..

Another side note to my story (and I haven’t even got to my story yet!) I have officially been offered a place and, if I get the 36 IB points to get in, shall be spending the next 3 years amidst a cloud the culture and inspiration that is London! Can you imagine the future blogposts?! ... It makes me all tingly just thinking about it.

Anyhow (I will get to my point soon, I promise) prior to the departure of my first step towards the rest of my life, I spent the morning in a frenzy of fabrics on my one women crusade to bring back the Bowtie. 

I have talked about the inspiration that is Mother Franko and it still amazes me that that 18 year old girl, staring in that box of old photos, is the just what I need for a little inspiration. It was a photograph, in her top-hat-tail-coat-bow-tie ensemble, that sparked my love for the classic geek-chic staple.

In true Fashionologist style, things are never done subtly. 3 hours and countless needle pricks later;

From tweeds and checks to lace and leather, I went a little bowtie crazy. 

The next step? Dalmation fur (faux of course) and studds seem to be exciting the fashion slave inside of me..
So, to all my fellow Fashionologist's out there; join the revolution and in the wise words of Justin Timberlake; I'm bringing bowtie's back!

Much love;

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Little Pony;

Pure procrastination takes its form in my activities of today and, despite the good little angel on my shoulder reminding of the looming mock exams I have in a few weeks, the devil inside prevailed. And so, I went on a web-frenzy. Jumping from site to site, I was on the lookout for the next ray of sunshine to brighten my blog. Oh the irony, in that it was, in fact, the ray of sunshine and rainbows that drew my attention to this;
The collection, taking inspiration from the pastel trend that clouded the catwalks this season, is like falling down the wardrobe in the spare oom into a world of child’s delight. 

O’ what a world of sugar and spice and all things nice (pardon the cliché)

But the latest innovations of Wild Fox sparkle with the nostalgia of our childhoods and propel us back into the world of imagination with the likes of My Little Pony and Care Bears being brought to life, right before our eyes.

In case you can’t tell, this collection has really got Fashionologist going just a little crazy. I can guarantee even the most anti-girlie fashionologists out there won’t be able to resist the sweet tooth personification of this collection.

Wild Fox, S/S ‘12

And, despite the palpitations that instantly render me paralyzed upon the memory of my years at Shelly's Ballet School; I want to get my hands on those ballet shoe wedges!

Much love;